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Absorbent Article Having A Breathable Backsheet.

No. 5,843,066; George Dobrin, assignor to Procter and Gamble, Cincinnati, OH. Filed 3/6/97. Issued 12/1/98.

Patented recently is a disposable absorbent article. The article is fabricated by a front waist region with a transverse width, a rear waist region with a transverse width, a crotch region with a transverse width positioned between the front waist and rear waist regions and a pair of opposed side edges. The first edge is located in the front waist region, while the second edge is located in the rear waist region. The article also has an absorbent core with a pair of opposing longitudinal edges, a garment facing side and a body facing side. A breathable laminate, which is placed adjacent to the garment facing side, is made of an inner layer and an outer layer joined to one another. The inner layer is positioned between the absorbent core and outer layer. The outer layer has a mass vapor transmission rate of at least 2500 g/[m.sup.2] per 24 hours. The inner layer is substantially liquid, vapor and air impermeable and is longitudinally coterminous with the absorbent article. The inner layer is of a smaller tran sverse width than the transverse width of the front waist region, rear waist region and crotch region so as to form a breathable zone, which is longitudinally coterminous with the absorbent article and adjacent to each of the side edges.
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Title Annotation:disposable diapers from Procter and Gamble
Comment:Absorbent Article Having A Breathable Backsheet.(disposable diapers from Procter and Gamble)
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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