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Absorbance and fluorescence spectrophotometers.

On-Line Instrument Systems, Inc. (OLIS) completed a new line of absorbance and fluorescence spectrophotometers that are immune to the scatter of turbid sample suspensions. This Olis "Clarity" series allows investigators to record metabolic activity in living cells and suspensions of sub-cellular organelles. Also, the increase in the effective pathlength of the sample cuvette enhances the sensitivity. The Clarity 2000 is a combination absorbance and fluorescence model, which captures 100 interlaced absorbance and fluorescence scans each second. The entire electron transport chain--300 nm wide in span--can be captured with high photometric precision at subsecond scan rates for as long as the chemistry lasts. The spectrophotometer is suited for use in the fields of mitochondria and cancer cells, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, lupus, and other diseases, as well as developing polymers and nanoparticles. On-Line Instrument Systems (OLIS), 800-852-3504


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Title Annotation:SPECTROMETERS
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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