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Abrasives & sanding equipment.


The WSW-1542 dust ejecting sandpaper from G & M Inc. is manufactured with channels that cross the abrasive surface to dispel the work debris from around the perimeter and away from the operator. The paper is available in two bond systems: glue bond and resin over glue. Circle #774

Hermes Abrasives offers abrasive products for the woodworking industry including anti-static belts, sheets and discs suited to standard needs. Circle #775

M.T. Abrasive wheels by Car Val/Derda Inc. combine abrasive grains and foamed urethane resins to produce a wheel for the woodworking industry. The wheels give a uniform sanding finish from the beginning to the end of the sanded product. The wheel solves contour sanding problems on intricate profiles and mouldings, the company says. Circle #776

Blue Ridge Products says that sanding belts can be recycled in-house at a fraction of the cost by replacing them with ABC Abrasive Belt Cleaner. ABC is nonflammable and biodegradable. Spray on ABC with an ordinary garden sprayer and rinse off wood and resin build-up with water. ABC is available in 55-gal drums and 1-gal containers. Circle #777

Delle Vedove USA Inc. offers more than 50 types of abrasive wheels for sanding, buffing or polishing wood. The wheels range in grits from 40 to 320 and differ in compositions, structure and thickness. The wheels can be shaped to conform to flat and complex profiles in a variety of materials. Circle #778

Carborundum Abrasives Inc.'s Premier MD Resin Paper A-W603M is an anti-static abrasive product specifically designed for sanding hardwoods and softwoods, using belt, stroke and drum sanders. Its anti-static properties significantly reduce electrostatic activity, which leads to improved dust control and minimizes worker exposure, resulting in a cleaner and safer workplace, the company says. Circle #779

Econ-Abrasives says it will manufacture abrasive belts in any size and grit per customer specifications. The company's 1992 catalog contains hundreds of abrasives and woodworking accessories offered by the company including: Velcro backed discs, flapwheels, clamps, glues, cutting tools, etc. Circle #780

Norton Co. has added finer grits -- P240, P280, P320 and P400 -- to its line of DL Adalox H248 anti-static coated abrasives. The company says that the new finer-grit belts provide 20% to 200% longer life. The DL Adalox abrasive line features aluminum oxide abrasive on Closekote paper and an all resin bond. The new abrasive belts are offered on F-weight paper in wide belts, narrow belts and rolls with channel joints. Circle #781


Crouch Machinery's Series 245 edge belt sanders are available in platen lengths of 40 in., 48 in., 56 in. and 64 in. These machines come standard with a fabricated steel base, northern hard maple tables and platens, cast iron brackets, Baldor motors and the company's patented Swing-Away Style Dust Hood with Air-Jet Belt Cleaning Device. Options include oscillation, metal platens and tables, and the patented eight-way table adjusting device. Circle #782

According to Mini-Max, Div. of SCMI, work that requires eight hours with a belt sander can be finished on a L55 stroke sander in 60 to 90 minutes. The bed on the L55 is stationary and the belt is drawn back and forth across the workpiece. The spring-loaded pad moves longitudinally with the belt on a pivot arm which allows the operator to sit or stand in one place. The bed is raised and lowered by an independent motor. Circle #783

Mereen-Johnson Machine Co.'s Model 640 single-end profiler/sander features precision cope motor assemblies and new long belt sander assemblies. Circle #784

The LASM oscillating edge sander model LBK-160 from Atlantic Machinery Corp. features a 5-hp main motor, 0.6-hp oscillating motor and magnetic starter with overload protection. Other standard features include 104-in. by 6-in. belt size, 33 1/2-in. platen and oscillating stroke of 3/4-in. Two working tables, one tilted table, and one fixed table with jointing bracket are also standard. Circle #785

Whirlwind edge belt sanders now have an air stripper jet as standard equipment. This device delivers a constant blast of air to the sanding belt as it exits the duct chute. This blast of air disrupts the normal flow of air generated by the belt and allows dust collection systems to work more efficiently. The device is also available as a retro-fit for those sanders not so equipped. Circle #786

The Lineal/Profile Sander/Polisher from American Machine Corp. is designed for lineal components from 1/2in. to 12-in. wide, such as mouldings, millwork, cabinets and furniture parts. The sander can be used on hardwoods and softwoods as well as composite boards, plastic and ground metal surfaces for the following types of sanding: bare wood, sealer, base coat, denibbing/polishing, wire brush distressing and special texturing. Almost any type of abrasive wheel or brush can be used. Circle #787


The Superfinisher "S.F." from Piaggi International Inc. removes chatter marks and longitudinal lines that may have been left by abrasive belt passes, the company says. The rolls work both in the transversal and longitudinal sense, resulting in a nondirectional finish. The Superfinisher "S.F." comes in two versions, one with opposing rolls and the other with off-set rolls. Circle #788

Available from Stefani Group America, Stemac's Star series of calibrating and sanding machines have height adjustable working tables and can be equipped with one or more sanding belts. The machines can be fitted with several configurations to full calibrating and veneer/lacquer requirements. Circle #789

Halsty Mfg.'s wide belt sander features electric eye tracking, load meter, combination head with nine-platen position and an automatic emergency stop. An 8 1/2-in. working height and 37-in. by 75-in. abrasive belt are standard. Circle #790

The Heeseman automatic sanding machine LSM 4 from European Woodworking Machinery Co. features a wide range of sanding applications and can be constructed with up to five cross and longitudinal sanding units in any combination and sequence, according to the company. The machine can be equipped with vacuum bed, electronic control pressure beam or the CSD system and CNC. Circle #791

The 3000 and 4000 series widebelt sanders from Cemco have three heads and use a combination of hard and soft heads to minimize cross grain in cabinet work. The 3000 has been designed for medium duty and the 4000 has been designed for continuous duty. Circle #792

The A-3760 widebelt sander from Lobo Power Tools features a 20-hp motor and a 37-in. by 60-in. sanding belt. The six-speed feed table has a 2-hp motor with spring-loaded infeed-outfeed hold-down rollers to ensure positive feeding and computer-controlled thickness control. Circle #793

The Buetfering AWS series of abrasive machining centers from Force Machinery Co. features sectional sanding pads that lessen the chance of sand through even on thin veneers and fine finishes. The widebelt sanders also feature electronic controls that make it possible to apply variable pressure on the edge of the workpiece. Circle #794

The 25-in. single-phase widebelt sander from Powermatic features a 10-hp American-made motor for the main drive and is interfaced to a Soft Start electrical control unit to minimize the starting amperage involved with the size of the single phase motor. The sander also features a pneumatic tracking system and upper frame for ease in maintenance. Circle #795

The JMB-37P 36-in. widebelt sander available from Jet Equipment & Tools Inc. features a 20-hp motor and variable feed speeds from 16 to 62 fpm. It can handle workpieces as thick as 5-in., the company says. Circle #796

Linden International Inc. says its Sandingmaster sanders offer sturdy construction, dependability and simple operation. The Sandingmaster two-head widebelt sander features: power height adjustment of the conveyor table with auto probe set-up; floating bed for veneer sanding; and adjustable contact roller and platen. Circle #797


The Caselli LEC-200 orbital sanding machine reportedly eliminates pump sanding and is constructed to sand straight, bent and shaped pieces with round or oval sections of variable thicknesses. Available from Macoser, the LEC-200's sanding section is carried out by means of two abrasive bands, opposite each other, which accomplish a sliding motion on the surface of the piece by revolving around the workpiece. Two automatic feed devices are also offered on the machine. Circle #798

The VSR 500 5-in. and VSR 600 6-in. random orbit sanders from Atlas Copco Electric Tools Inc. feature 9,000 orbits per minute and the company's exclusive feedback speed control system. The AVRS 500S 12-volt industrial, cord-free random orbit sander operates at 4,700 orbits per minute and is available with a wide variety of cord-free accessories. Circle #799

Haney Industries Inc. announces new conveyor feed rates for their patented Finale conveyor-fed orbital sander, cross-grain scratch remover polisher. Finales have a working conveyor feed range of 5 to 12 fpm. The improved Finale machines remove cross grain scratch on such woods as oak, cherry and maple at conveyor speeds up to 40 fpm, the company says. Circle #800

The Model 52-2 52-in. Soli orbital/brush sander is reported to remove cross-grain scratches and eliminate the inconsistencies in finishing. Timesavers Inc. says the machine allows increased productivity over hand sanding and offers feed speeds of 5 to 15 fpm. Circle #801


From Tekmatex, Shimura profile sanders can change from one profile to another within 30 seconds. A preset profile can be instantly recalled and the sanding heads automatically reposition themselves, the company says. Both vertical and horizontal positions are shown on a liquid crystal display. Mouldings and panel edges can be sanded on the machine. Circle #802

MSI/Marunaka offers the Royal SP sander for automated raised panel and inline mould sanding. It combines adjustable speed oscillating action pads with angle adjustability. The company says it eliminates the need to finish and sealer sand inner and outer profiles by hand. Circle #803

The Reckmann Favorit-M profile sander allows for economic sanding of production runs and ensures top-quality end products, according to E & R Supply. Features include: two sanding heads and dust extraction system. Sanding material only needs changing after 500 to 800 meters, the company says. Circle #804

Fletcher Machine Inc.'s FM-45 automated profile sander is equipped with both triangular belt and brush sanders. Electric digital readouts reportedly enable the operator to reduce set-up time and formed steel hand blocks are hardened to issue consistency. Circle #805

Stiles Machinery Inc. offers the Arminius SP-12, a through-feed, single-side profile sander that features an oscillating face sander and two profile belt-sanding stations. All three are inclinable from -45 [degrees] to +90 [degrees]. The sander includes two profile disk sanding stations. The machine can be controlled by an IBM-compatible computer, and can process workpieces from 2 to 100mm at feed speeds from 5 to 25 meters per minute, the company says. Circle #806

The Makor 4 MEC sander from Derda Inc. is designed for sanding and buffing of frames, rods, ledges and fitting parts of veneer, solid, raw or varnished wood. The machine can be composed of electronic groups with wheels or sanding bels for flat and moulded parts according to the customer's need. Circle #807


Model DD-63 double pneumatic drum sandre from Sand-Rite is complete with a 6-in. diameter by 7-in. wide and 3-in. diameter by 7-in. wide pneumatic drums and a single phase motor. When slightly inflated, the pneumatic drum causes the abrasive sleeve to conform to the contoured shape of the work. Inflation is regulated through an air valve mounted on the edge of the drum. Circle #808

The commercial quality 38-in. drum sander complements small to medium shops, RBIndustries Inc.says. The single drum sander gives users control over sanding projects and adds profits to bottom lines, the company says. Circle #809

Ekstrom Carlson & Co. says the Model 318 pneumatic drum sander provides high quality sanding of irregular shapes and contours at low cost. The inflated pneumatic drum conforms to contoured shapes and comes with a 1 -hp ( 1,200 rpm) or 2-hp ( 1,800 rpm) motor. Circle #810


Oscillating at 200 times a minute, the "Triangle" oscillating sander from Fein Power Tools, can sand right up to, into and along edges and corners without dulling the edge or altering the profile. The sanding pad can be rotated, bent, formed or cut down to any size for sanding mouldings and channels. Circle #811

Aro division of Ingersoll-Rand will display its complete line of random orbital sanders at IWF. These new sanders reportedly feature a premium-quality, weight-matched pad for smooth performance. A new vacuum shroud design and vacuum hose are said to provide unmatched dust extraction and greater maneuverability. Hands-on demonstration and free literature will be provided at the booth. Circle #812

Porter-Cable's new Models 332 and 333 Quicksand palm-grip random orbit finishing sanders are used for sanding wood joints and mating flush surfaces on wood frames. The random pad action allows for cross-grain sanding without leaving swirl marks or unsightly scratches and doesn't round edges on narrow stock as finishing sanders tend to do, the company says. Models 332 and 333 can also be used for repairs, sanding seams and obtaining a matte finish on solid surface materials. Circle #813

Dynorbital random orbital sander, from Dynabrade Inc., is available in 3 1/2-in., 4-in., 5-in., 6-in., and 8-in. diameter models. The sanders use PSA coated abrasive sanding discs and also non-woven nylon discs when mounted on a hook 'n loop pad, The lightweight tools give a swirl-free finish and are available an nonvacuum or vacuum models. Vacuum models hook up to Dynabrade's self-contained vacuum systems or to customer's central vacuum. Circle #814


The Abrasive Engineering & Mfg. 600 Series knife planer/sander provides economical planing and widebelt sanding in one compact unit, according to the company. The machine incorporates a number of features for ease, safety and accuracy of operation, the company says. Models are available in 37-in. and 52-in. belt widths. Options include two-head top or bottom and add-ons tor furniture, millwork and cabinet applications. Circle #815


SCMI had added microprocessor controlled electronic programmers that help speeds setup when the widebelt sander operator selects one of up to 99 programs from memory. The programming unit controls activation of all mobile parts of the machine, the working quota, the belt speed, the selection and positioning of the operating groups in relation to the abrasive belt thickness and more. Circle #766

Servatek offers Tagliabue profile sanders. The machines can sand flat or shaped edges on veneered panels or solid wood. A range of 15 different heads is available from moulding to polishing units suitable for buffing. Circle #767

The new high-performance abrasive product from 3M for random orbital sanding is 214U Stikit brand "White Gold," a P-graded, open coat product with precisely graded aluminum oxide material. Its Fre-Cut brand coating helps retard loading, and its superior bonding system extends abrasive life to lower abrasive cost, the company says. Circle #768

Danckaert's BOERE widebelt sander incorporates a unique floating bed and shoes to address the sand-through problems associated with thin veneers. Instant reset of bed and shoes allows thickness calibration. Additional features include: automatic conveyor bed tracking, contact roller height adjustment to 0.01mm, electric thickness adjustment with digital readout, load ammeters, variable speed, cleaning brush, special designs to avoid cross-grain scratches, and top and/or bottom configurations with one to four heads. Circle #769

The A111 profile shaper/sander from Voorwood shapes and sands up to 8,000 If of superior quality edge profiles per shift with only two people. A precision cutting head and two matched Turbosand stations produce consistent edges on hardwoods, softwoods and MDF, according to the company. The A111 also offers quick setup, the company says. Circle #770

Unique Machine & Tool Co.'s Model 275HTV profile sander is designed to sand door edges, raised panels and custom wood components for furniture fixtures. The Model 275HTV offers height adjustment to compensate for wheel wear and various size of wood, tilt adjustment from 0 [degree] to 90 [degrees] with locking handle and hand wheel and variable speed control for correct rpm for hard or softwoods. A variety of wheels available on the market can be used on the Model 275HTV. Circle #771

The Performax Super-Max 37x2 drum sander allows manufacturers to production sand stock as small as 2 1/4 in., as thick as 4 in. (12 in. optional), and as wide as 37 in. or as thin as 1/32 in. without jigs or special setup. The drum sander can also work to dimension stock to within 0.010-in. uniform thickness. It can be used to abrasive plane or polish on MDF, butcher-block, cabinet doors and all types of flat pieces. Circle #772

Hansen & Hundebol Inc. says the Fladder 300/Gyro sanding system offers the following benefits: more uniform stain penetration, smoother sealer or primer coat and minimum grain raising. The machine is available in 52-in. and 39-in. widths. Circle #773
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