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Above and beyond the call of duty: ADAA has awards and scholarships to recognize members' achievements.

Do you know a brilliant, dedicated, hard working dental assistant who goes above and beyond the Call Of duty? As a dental assisting educator, do you have a student who excels in everything they do and gives 110 percent all of the time? If so, please consider nominating that special dental assistant for one or more of the many ADAA Awards and Scholarships.

Dental assistants are known for being very hard working, compassionate people and we should make sure that they are recognized for their extreme efforts. Encouraging new ADAA members and student members of our profession to set goals and strive for excellence will help grow our professional association and bring the much-deserved recognition to dental assistants nationwide.

The ADAA/DANB Scholarship amounts range from $250-$1,000 per recipient; Hu-Friedy offers a Merit Scholar Award to student members; ADAA Student Achievement Award is available and the Juliette A. Southard/ Oral-B Education Scholarship offers up to 10 scholarships in the amount of $750 to the highest scoring dental assistant or dental assisting students. All of these scholarships are excellent opportunities for dental assisting students.

The ADAA Loyal Dental Assistant Award, the ADAA Presidents Award of Excellence, the ADAA Sunstar Americas Pride Award, the Anna Nelson Memorial Award of Editorial Excellence, New Member Involvement and the Membership Award are all ways to recognize dental assistants on state, local, national, clinical, business, and educator levels.

All of the qualifications and application forms can be found easily on the ADAA website ( and we encourage you to download and complete tire application process soon due to application deadlines quickly approaching. Please don't let hard work go unrecognized and let this opportunity pass you by.

A complete chart of ADAA Awards and Scholarships follows on pages 32-33, including qualifications and due dates for applications.

Betty Fox, CDA, RDA, FADAA, AS, was elected as Fourth District Trustee for the ADAA, serving a term through 2016. Ms. Fox is a clinical assistant and secretary at University Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Knoxville, TN, where she has been employed for 15 years. She was appointed by the Governor of Tennessee in 2002 to the Tennessee Board of Dentistry where she served until 2012. Long active in organized dentistry, she has held most offices of the Tennessee Dental Assistants Association including President, as well as those in her local ADAA component. Betty is married to William Fox and is the mother of two.
Name                      General Criteria

ADAA-Hu-Friedy Merit      Presented to a student who has
Scholar Award             demonstrated advanced achievement
                          in academic and clinical
                          performance, as well as teamwork
                          and leadership qualities, based on
                          involvement in campus, program and/
                          or community activities.

ADAA Student              Presented to a student who has
Achievement Award         demonstrated leadership ability
                          through some activity related to
                          dentistry through participation in
                          class activities, student
                          organization(s), and local/state
                          dental assisting organizations,
                          where available.

Juliette A. Southard-     Candidates will be considered on
Oral-B Education          the basis of academic achievement,
Scholarship               ability and interest in the career
                          of dental assisting. Up to ten
                          scholarships in the amount of $750
                          each will be awarded through an
                          evaluation process, to the highest
                          scoring dental assistants or dental
                          assisting students.

ADAA President's Award    Presented to the member who has
of Excellence             shown the most outstanding
(underwritten by Henry    achievements in promoting the
Schein)                   objectives of the Association and
                          furthering the profession of dental
                          assisting. A $500 honorarium is
                          presented with this award.

ADAA/Sunstar Americas     Presented to a member who believes
Pride Awards (Clinical    in loyalty to self as well as the
Assistant, Business/      profession of dental assisting.
Administrative            There are five separate categories
Assistant, Educator,      for this award (listed left). This
Federal Services Air      is an award for hard work, self-
Force Member, Federal     motivation, professional
Services Army Member)     enhancement and advancement of the
                          career of dental assisting. A $250
                          honorarium is presented with this

Anna Nelson Memorial      Presented to the ADAA member who
Award for Editorial       has submitted the best educational
Excellence                article for original publication in
                          the ADAA Journal. ADAA employees
                          not eligible for this award. A $500
                          honorarium is presented with this
                          award. Articles chosen by awards

Loyal Assistant Award     Presented to the member who has
                          demonstrated loyalty and longevity
                          in service to their employer.

Membership Award          Presented to the state or local
                          association which has developed and
                          implemented the most creative
                          membership recruitment plan/
                          campaign resulting in an increase
                          in membership totals for that state
                          or local. A $200 honorarium is
                          presented with this award.

New Member Involvement    Presented to a member of not more
Award                     than five years' standing who has
                          shown the most outstanding
                          achievement in promoting the
                          objectives of the Association and
                          furthering the profession of dental

ADAA/DANB Scholarship     Presented to dental assistants who
Program                   demonstrate a strong commitment to
                          career growth and lifelong
                          learning. The winner(s) will be
                          able to use the scholarship funds
                          for professional activities such as
                          continuing dental education, DANB
                          exams or certification, some
                          expenses associated with ADAA
                          Fellowship or Mastership, or
                          registration for a dental

Name                      Eligibility               Deadline

ADAA-Hu-Friedy Merit      Student member,           March 15
Scholar Award             currently enrolled in a
                          dental assisting

ADAA Student              Student member,           March 15
Achievement Award         currently enrolled In a
                          dental assisting

Juliette A. Southard-     Must be currently         March 15
Oral-B Education          enrolled in a dental
Scholarship               assisting program or
                          applicable courses
                          furthering a career in
                          dental assisting.

ADAA President's Award    Active, Federal, Life,    June 30
of Excellence             Life Retired
(underwritten by Henry

ADAA/Sunstar Americas     Active, Life, Life        June 30
Pride Awards (Clinical    Retired, Federal
Assistant, Business/
Assistant, Educator,
Federal Services Air
Force Member, Federal
Services Army Member)

Anna Nelson Memorial      Active, Federal, Life,    May/June
Award for Editorial       Life Retired              Issue Of
Excellence                                          The ADAA

Loyal Assistant Award     Active, Life, Life        June 30

Membership Award          All State and Local       June 30

New Member Involvement    Active Member, Federal    June 30

ADAA/DANB Scholarship     Active, Student, Life,    August 31
Program                   Federal
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