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Above and below, adding on to this 1930s Seattle cottage.

Above and below, adding on to this 1930s Seattle cottage

Like slices of bread, new top and bottom levels sandwich what was a simple, one-story house in Seattle. To gain more than 1,500 square feet of living space without changing the footprint, Peter Stoner Architects first jacked up the house 3 feet to enlarge the dreary, squat basement. The space now holds two good-size bedrooms, a bath, TV room, and utility room--all brightened by enlarged ground-level windows. Next they removed the roof, adding a second-story master suite for owners Todd Looney and Lucia MacDonald. Big upstairs windows let them enjoy a woodsy view; doors open to a deck with spa. The main floor includes a kitchen, dining area, living room, study, guest room, and bath. Some ceilings now soar to the new roof line--a lofty 24 feet in the living room, 18 feet in the kitchen. A large deck opens onto the rear garden, while the front deck and stairway help maintain the look of the cottage.

PHOTO : Jacking up this 1930s cottage and adding a second level doubled the living space.

PHOTO : Half-moon window up top echoes original curved roof over front entry; shingles set off by

PHOTO : white-painted trim help retain the house's original look

PHOTO : Plenty of space for two active cooks, long narrow kitchen measures 10 by 15 feet. Lofty

PHOTO : ceiling makes the space feel larger

PHOTO : Living room towers to top of second story, catching light from large front window and

PHOTO : sharing visual space with master suite
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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