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Above All Photography Ltd.

Jay Grumme got his business off the ground earlier this year. And that's where he intends to keep it.

The Carmel businessman founded Above All Photography Ltd. to offer a variety of photographic perspectives to clients across the state. Using (in descending order of altitude) and airplane, a blimp, an aerial truck and a 36-foot "highpod" (a giant tripod), Grumme is able to provide a variety of angles and heights to capture just the right effect.

Above All brings two of his loves, flying and photography, together in one business. He's had a dark-room and a pilot's license since he was 16--even before he had a driver's license, in fact.

On his 16th birthday, Grumme soloed two planes. "One was a Piper Cub flown with the windows and doors removed," he recalls. "Great for photography!"

A commercial pilot since 1965, Grumme has plenty of experience, as well, with many models of professional cameras and in working with custom color photography labs.

Grumme markets his product--a good, clear aerial view from one or more elevations and angles--to a wide variety of businesses and individuals. "Our blimp alone offers a range of elevations for photos," he says. "That, along with the aerial truck, the highpod and the airplane, allows us to cover every angle and every height a client needs." Types of clients Grumme is targeting include real-estate agents, developers, homeowners, farmers, special-events coordinators, local and state governments, regulatory agencies, law-enforcement agencies, business owners and managers of strip malls and other commercial developments.

At the higher elevations, Above All Photography can capture a client's business office or home in the foreground and put it all in perspective by showing taller buildings in the back-ground above the horizon. Grumme can provide a real-estate agent or home seller with a short of the home for sale as it appears surrounded by the neighborhood. This is especially valuable when the potential buyer is out of town and may not know what the area looks like.

These aerial photos have many uses. Homeowners or farmers give framed photos of the "ol' home place" to their grown children, while corporations are using the photos for the covers of annual reports and in other printed materials.

Christmas cards, print advertising, postcards, billboards, calendars, newsletters and even contest prizes are other ways in which Grumme's clients have used his photographs.

Does the combination of photography and flight mean that Jay Grumme's having fun?

"This is far and above, the best job I've ever had," he says.
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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