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About identifying the correct person.

My lineal ancestor, Albert Ryckman (1792-1870), son of Philip Ryckman (1755-1849) and Rebecca Nagel, has been identified by family genealogists as a Loyalist who was granted 250 acres of land, Concession 1, Lot 27, in Prince Edward County, Ontario. In fact, Philip Ryckman bought "Lot No. 27, Township of Sophiasburgh, 1" Concession South West of Green Point" Philip sold the land to his son, Albert (1792-1870), and Albert sold the land to his son, Edward (1834-1927). Albert and Charity Warren's son, John Green Ryckman (1825-1910), married Amanda Elzina Ryckman (1834-1893).

Philip was recognized as a Patriot by the Daughters of the American Revolution. I received my DAR membership certificate on 05 July 2016.

Another Albert Ryckman (1766-1850), son of another John Ryckman (1730-1795) and Eunice Ward, was a Loyalist on the basis of his family's claims about the service of John Ryckman. This Albert received land through Orders in Council.

I am a descendant of one of four men named John Ryckman on the Loyalist Directory of United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. John Ryckman (1738-1784) is my lineal ancestor. I received my UELAC membership certificate on 04 August 2017. John's son, Edward (1763/67-1846), is listed as among the Loyalist Ancestors on the Hamilton Branch of the United Empire Loyalists.

John Ryckman (1738-1784) and Susanna Bruyn/Brouwn/Brown's son, Edward (1763/67-1846), married Ann Warren. Edward and Ann's son, John Warren Ryckman (1805-1852), married Martha (Patty) Smith. John Warren Ryckman and Martha's daughter, Amanda Elzina Ryckman (1834-1893), married John Green Ryckman (1825-1910), bringing together two branches of the Ryckman family. John Green Ryckman is the great-grandson of Tobias Ryckman (1711-1784) and his second wife, Cornelis Daly. Amanda Elzina Ryckman is the second great-granddaughter of Tobias and his first wife, Maria Van Eps.

Philip Ryckman (1755-1849?) and John Ryckman (1738-1784) were half-brothers on opposing sides of the American Revolutionary War for American Independence. Their father was Tobias Ryckman (1711-1784?). Such a very interesting time in history.


One Ryckman family genealogist writes: "It is proven beyond doubt, by a 'power of attorney', given by Annetje Jans (Anna or little Ann) and her sister, Maritje (Mary), to a relative to collect a sum of money due their mother from the West India Company; that their mother's name was Trijnje Jonas, a midwife, and that Annetje's husband was directly associated with that company?

The next paragraph begins, "Trijnje Jonas was the mother of Albert Janse Ryckman" She writes that Albert was born about 1647. "1605 Anneke Jans born in Flekkeroy, Norway" and "Maritje Janse, born in 1603, in Flekkeroy was Anneke's sister, both children of Tryntje Janse and Jan Janse (Ryckman)."

Is it physically possible for the same woman to have given birth to children born in 1603, 1605 and 1647? Could Albert Janse Ryckman have "sisters" who were born forty-four and forty-two years before his birth? If Trijnje was 15 in 1603, when Maritje was born, could she have another daughter when she was 17, and a son, Albert Janse Ryckman, when she was 59?

According to the 1663 will of Eldert Gerbertsen CruyfF and Albert's mother, Tryntie Janse Ryckman, with Janse also translated as Jans/Jansen/Jansz/Janssz, Albert Janse Ryckman is the son of Tryntie Janse Ryckman and Jan Janse Ryckman, the sole heir, age 16, if he was born in 1647, a minor to be cared for until maturity.

When I began to research my Ryckman ancestors, the Daughters of the American Revolution ancestor roster included eight men named "Ryckman" as my surname has been spelled since as early as a document in 1663 in Beverwijck, New Netherland, now Albany, New York, with occasional variations in spelling. As my ancestors were in Dutch New York, I expected to find the names from New York. I did not expect to find "Ryckman" ancestors from Virginia, Tennessee, or North Carolina.

A William Ryckman from Virginia was and is identified as "Dr, Director of Continental Hospitals in VA"

One source notes, "In 1776 Rickman was appointed by the Continental Congress to oversee the Virginia hospitals during the American Revolutionary War, becoming in effect the first Surgeon General of the United States"

Note the difference in spelling: Ryckman and Rickman. The doctor's name is still on the roster, but now has a red warning, "Problems have been discovered with at least one previously verified paper. See ancestor's full record"

In addition, one name has been removed and my lineal ancestor, Philip Ryckman, has been added.

Though information about William "Rickman" is disputed, he owned Kittiewan Plantation in Charles City County, Virginia. The plantation is managed by the National Park Service and the plantation house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. At the Rickman Cemetery, a tombstone lists "William Rickman, Virginia, Director, Continental Hosp, 1783." A memorial provides additional information about Dr. Rickman (c.1731-1783), including "native of Hampshire England"

Ah, English. Rickman is English, and Ryckman is Dutch. Not the same family.

The ancestor list of United Empire Loyalists includes Edward Rickerman and Tobias Rickerman, both of Sophiasburg and Ameliasburg. Are they the same men as Edward Ryckman and Tobias Ryckman, also listed?

Kathie Ryckman Anderson is a native of North Dakota, where her paternal lineal second great grandparents and great-grandparents established farms in Dakota Territory in 1888. At the University of North Dakota, Kathie earned her B.A. and M.A. in English. She earned a PhD in journalism and mass communication at the University of Texas at Austin. She has taught high school and college students and worked as a writer and editor.

She has compiled and written The Ryckman Family in Dakota and North Dakota Prepared for the 125th Anniversary of the Ryckman Family Farm 1888 to 2013 (2013) and RYCKMAN: One Family's Tourney from the mid-1600s through 1887 (2017).

Kathie is a member of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, Daughters of the American Revolution, Dutch Settlers' Society of Albany, and Society of Daughters of Holland Dames, Descendants of the Ancient and Honorable Families of New Netherland.

She is also descended from Huguenots: Jesse de Forest, and Johannes de la Montagne, whose families escaped from France because of religious persecution. Jesse de Forest died in Guinea while searching for a home to practise religion freely, and his sons and son-in-law later settled in New Netherland.

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