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About Stouffer.

Stouffer Foods Corporation, the nation's leading manufacturer of premium-quality, frozen prepared foods, today unveils the most dramatic redesign of its logo in the company's 38-year history. The new corporate logo, in concert with redesigned packaging, provides a more contemporary look and better overall branding for Stouffer's[R] Entrees, French Bread Pizzas and Lean Cuisine[R] products.

The new logo replaces the traditional Dutch oven with a larger black oval and red sash. Redesigned packaging features improved food photography on the front, and simplified cooking instructions in larger, more readable typeface as well as the toll-free 800 number of the company's Consumer information Center on the back. Stouffer's Entrees and Pizza packages retain the trademarked coral red color most associated with the brand; the same color is now incorporated in the sash element of the new logo.

Another significant addition is that of nutritional labeling information on all Stouffer's Entree and Pizza packaging, a move made to offer consumers the facts they need to follow a well-balanced diet. On Lean Cuisine packages, Stouffer Foods will continue to supply health-conscious consumers with nutritional information in a simplified but informative manner that displays the entrees' reduced levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Within the past year, the packaging redesign underwent extensive qualitative and quantitative research, including focus-group testing. "Foremost in our minds as we went through this process was the knowledge that the Stouffer's name has maintained a strong brand identity ever since it was introduced in the frozen food category in 1954. We did not want to tamper with the overall warmth and appeal that consumers associates with our distinctive packaging," explained E. Michael Moone, President and CEO of Stouffer Foods.

"The new logo works to unify our brands under a common name in a simple design that is still recognizable as Stouffer's, but delivers a modern feel to the product lines," Moone said. "We are excited about our new packages, but prouder still of what is inside them. The superior home-cooked taste, symbolized by the Dutch oven that graced our packaging since the mid-50s, remains unchanged."

He added: "As a matter of fact, that superiority was illustrated in the latest Nielsen Scantrack Data." For the period ending March 21, 1992, Stouffer Foods' Entrees and Lean Cuisine brands captured the largest market share (in dollars) of all frozen food companies in the combined entrees and dinners category.

Jerry Decroce serves as Vice President of Marketing Services and a member of the Management Team of the Stouffer Foods Corporation, the nation's leading manufacturer of premium quality, frozen prepared foods.

During his tenure as Marketing Vice President, the Stouffer Foods business expanded from its initial Entrees and Side Dishes category to include products as varied as French Bread Pizzas and Stouffer's Lean Cuisine nutritionally oriented products.

Mr. Decroce is a past chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and presently serves on the Past Chairman Advisory Committee for this organization.

In his current position as Vice President of Marketing Services, Mr. DeCroce directs all activities necessary to support brand marketing. These include Marketing information, Media Planning, Consumer Affairs, Marketing Services and Public Affairs.

Edward A. Marra joined Stouffer Foods Corporation as Senior Vice President of Marketing in 1990. In this position, Mr. Marra directs the brand marketing activities for Stouffer'[R] Entrees, French Bread Pizza and Lean Cuisine[R] products, as well as the development of new products through the New Ventures group.

Prior to this position, Mr. Marra served as Nestle-Canada Senior Vice President and General Manager for Frozen Food, Chilled Food and Pet Food. Earlier responsibilities at Nestle-Canada included a number of key marketing positions, including Marketing Manager-Coffee and Group Vice President-Frozen Foods. Mr. Marra's career in the food industry began in 1977 when he joined Robin Hood Multifoods.

His professional activities have included membership in the Grocery Products Manufacturers of Canada and the Canadian Frozen Food Association.

Recently he was appointed chairperson of the Public and Trade Relations Council of the American Frozen Food Institute.

Stouffer Foods, a Nestle USA, Inc. company, is headquartered in the Cleveland suburb of Solon, Ohio. It operates production plants in Solon; Gaffney, South Carolina; and Springville, Utah; and employs 4,300 people nationwide. The company offers more than 150 Entrees, French Bread Pizzas and Lean Cuisine products for consumer enjoyment.
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