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About Abigail.


   Once a little brownish snail
   (Her name, I think, was Abigail)
   Set out to roam the round world through.
   (She took her little brown home, too
   As every small brown snail must do.)

   First she crossed the garden wall
   In hardly any time at all
   An hour at most or was it more,
   Twenty-nine or thirty-four?
   (Well, with snails, who keeps the score?)

   How wide the world!
   Would courage fail?
   Was she afraid?
   Not Abigail!

   She spied a stone and reached the spot
   Within a week (although she hurried quite a lot).
   But now a bush sat in her way;
   Around she crept all night, all day.
   It was so nice she circled twice!

   Alas! A jay swooped to the grass.
   Oh, would he let one brown snail pass?
   Alarmed, our friend slid in her shell
   And was unharmed till all was well!

   And then,
   Now, where was I?
   Oh, yes, the grass below, the sky
   Beyond, adventure calls.
   And so our bold explorer crawls
   And crawls and crawls
   (A yawn)
   And slowly creeps
   (More yawns and a stretch)
   While I am falling
   Fast asleep.

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Author:Manning, Gail
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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