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Abortionist convicted.

Brian Finkel, a Phoenix abortionist who describes his murderous ministrations as doing "the Lord's work" (see "The Abortion Underworld" in our January 15, 2001 issue), was found guilty on December 2 of 24 counts of sexual abuse. "More than 60 women complained Finkel inappropriately touched them ... during abortions and examinations," summarized the LifeNews wire service. More than 30 women "told of similar patterns of harassment" and abuse at Finkel's hands, despite the fact that none of them had ever met the others. The jury acquitted Finkel of 34 additional charges.

In a 1999 interview with the Phoenix Times News, Finkel told a reporter: "This is my abortion machine, where I do the Lord's work. I heal the sick with it.... Got a Tech 9 [machine pistol]. Every gynecologist needs a Tech 9, so I could have more rounds, 'cause they're bringing me more Christians. There's a Smith and Wesson .40 and a few rifles, for crowd control, down at the [abortuary]." He and his wife Diane aborted their first child, whom they later referred to as "Ernie the Embryo."

According to Bruce Miller of Arizona Right to Choose, a pro-abortion group, Finkel is "an unrecognized hero in our community" who hasn't "gotten the accolades I think he should get." But John Jakubczyk of Arizona Right to Life, speaking after the verdict, concluded: "It was his total lack of regard for women that [was] his downfall."
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Publication:The New American
Date:Dec 29, 2003
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