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Aboriginal radio most active list.

ARTIST              TITLE                  ALBUM

Shane Yellowbird    Sedona Arizona         It's About Time

Beatrice Love       Not Your Typical       Single

Pura Fe Trio        Endless                A Blues Night In
                    Possibilities          North Carolina

Savannah Rae Boyko  Sick Obsession         Savannah Rae Boyko

Ron Loutit          The Two Step           Where I Come From

Crystal Shawanda    Closer                 Just Like You

Donny Parenteau     Fiddleback             To Whom It May

The Mosquitoz       Drenched               Single

Murray Porter       I Feel Lucky           Songs Lived & Life

Indian City         Supernation            Supernation

Amanda Rheaume      Let Yourself Breathe   Light Of Another Day

Leanne Goose        Some Days              Single

C-Weed Band         Forever and a Day      Forever

Digawolf            Ela                    Nake De

Jerry Sereda        That'll Get You        Turn The Country On

Kim Erickson        Crank It Up            Single

Tracy Bone          Happy Here With Me     Woman Of Red

Burnt Project 1     So You Think That You  The Black List
                    Can Dance

Indigenous          Free Yourself, Free    Indigenous Featuring
                    Your Mind              Mato Nanji

Ali Fontaine        Say It To Me           All Fontaine
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Title Annotation:radio's most active
Date:Oct 1, 2012
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