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Ablah Kamel and Yehya Fakharani together in Ramadan.

The 'Future Channel' continues to air a variety of successful and unique programs during the holy month of Ramadan.

The channel has bought the rights to two of the strongest Egyptian television drama series that discuss the social and cultural issues of every Egyptian person. The first series is "Sharag Fatah Al Bab" (Sharaf Opened the Door), stars the great Egyptian actor Yehya Al Fakharni . The second series "Himah," stars the great Egyptian actress Ablah Kamel and Ahmad Riziq.

According to the London daily Elaph, "Sharag Fatah Al Bab" also stars a number of well-known Egyptian actors, like Hala Fakher, Ahmad Khalil, Buthaynah Rashwan, Muhammad Lutfi, Ola Zainhom, Shaban Hussein, Ahmad Abed Al Wareth, Amirah Hani, Muhammad Rihan, Othman Muhammad Ali and Naji Saed.

The script for the new series was written by Muhammad Jalal Abed Al Qawi and directed by Syrian Rasha Sharbaji. The famous Egyptian singer Midhat Saleh will sing the songs for the new series. "King Top Production" will be producing the new series.

Al Fakharani plays an average citizen, who has a government job and smart children.

The drama series "Himah" stars a number of Egyptian actors, like Hasan Husni, Riham Abed Al Ghafoor, May Kasab, Muhammad Metwali, Maha Abu Oof, Osama Abas, Yasmin Abed AL Naser, Ola Mursi, Safa Jalal, Shawqi Shamikh, Abdullah Mushrif, Yousif Fawzi, Dia Al Meringi and the Lebanese artist Dalia Shaheen.

The series is directed by Jamal Abed Al Hamid and written by Bilal Fadel. The songs for the series are sung by the Egyptian singer Muhammad Fouad and were composed by Amar Al Shraie. "Himah" is also produced by "King Top Production."

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Date:Jun 20, 2008
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Ablah Kamel and Yehya Fakharani together in Ramadan.
Ablah Kamel and Yehya Fakharani together in Ramadan.
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