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Aberdonians urged to consider impact of food waste; ENVIRONMENT.


Enough power could be generated to power Aberdeen Science Centre for an entire day if 363 families in the city chose to recycle all of their food waste for one week, according to environment agency Zero Waste Scotland.

Yesterday they urged people across the northeast to correctly dispose of unavoidable food waste, outlining potential benefits the practice can have.

Alison McKinnie, the charity's project manager, said: "It is important the people of Aberdeen are aware of the real damage food waste is doing to the environment, so they are empowered to make informed decisions to reduce and recycle it.

"The best thing people can do to combat food waste, and the damage it causes, is to take steps to reduce the amount of food they throw out in the first place. This can be achieved by planning food shopping better, making more use of freezers and being more creative with leftovers.

"Some food waste, such as banana peel, is unavoidable. But if residents in Aberdeen chose to recycle all of their unavoidable food waste it could be prevented from producing extremely harmful gases as it rots in landfill."

Zero Waste Scotland also revealed just one household's weekly food waste could be enough to power two cycles of washing and that even a single banana peel could charge a mobile phone - twice. For tips see

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Publication:The Press and Journal (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 6, 2019
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