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Aberdeen Study Sponsored by Pinion Software Reveals Globalization Has Dramatically Increased Product Intellectual Property Exposure For Manufacturers.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Pinion Software, the leading provider of Technical Rights Management[TM] (TRM) solutions, announced today it has sponsored a study by the Aberdeen Group entitled, "The Protecting Product Intellectual (IP) Property Benchmark Report: Safeguarding Design IP in a Global Market." The in-depth study investigated common practices used in global design and manufacturing, including unsecured emails and engineering documentation, and revealed that manufacturers face accelerating IP risk in the marketplace. The research found that over two-thirds of manufacturers find the threat to their product intellectual property (IP) has grown over the past two years. The report also discusses how IP loss diminishes profitability, and finds leading companies are proactively implementing data protection strategies.

Jim Brown, Aberdeen Vice President, Product Innovation and Engineering, and report author, summarized key findings, "Among companies benchmarked, 48% report lost market share, 44% lost sales, 30% product commoditization, and 27% lower margins because of compromised product IP. In response, over two thirds are actively pursuing improved product IP protection, with almost one third viewing this as a top-five business priority."

"Manufacturing companies are increasingly recognizing data protection of CAD files, engineering data, and related information is a key component to surviving and thriving in this highly competitive world marketplace. Research and product development is very costly, and that investment can be whisked away by data piracy. Continuous protection of valuable product IP and ideas allows companies to conduct their normal course of business with confidence," states Darryl Worsham, president of Pinion Software.

The Aberdeen report noted that leading manufacturers are developing multi-faceted IP protection systems including IP friendly collaboration, documenting IP discovery, legal protection, and enhanced data security. This initiatives are supported by a variety of technologies including general IT security, document rights management (DRM), intellectual management and much more.

Pinion Software peer-to-peer solutions help companies of any size to establish security standards without a major investment in IT infrastructure. Their award-winning Pinion Desktop Receiver safeguards high-value CAD files and other technical information inside and outside the corporate firewall - whether it is shared from the desktop by email, CD/DVD, or centralized data management system. This product was recently honored by SC Magazine's prestigious Best Buy award and their 5-Star distinction. Pinion's "in-use" protection covers the entire spectrum of product development, from design collaboration to outsourced contract manufacturing, as engineering data is shared with partners, vendors, or contractors.

The newly released Aberdeen report can now be accessed free online at:

What is Technical Rights Management?

Pinion Software's first-to-market Technical Rights Management (TRM) technology allows users of CAD and other technical applications to produce and share files in their native format, while continuously safeguarding the digital information during its entire lifecycle -- from concept to design collaboration to final part production. Engineers and manufacturers can now protect their CAD designs, specifications, and engineering documentation, as well as complex spreadsheets, sales projections, company financials, business plans and strategies, and much more. This comprehensive scope of data protection propels Pinion Software to the forefront of the TRM industry.

About AberdeenGroup, Inc.

AberdeenGroup, Inc. provides fact-based research and insights focused on the global, technology-driven value chain. Aberdeen's benchmarking, market and solution assessments, sales acceleration programs, and conferences support Global 5000 value chain and technology executives and the solution providers who serve them. For more information, visit or call 617-723-7890.

About Pinion Software Inc.

Pinion Software is the leading provider of Technical Rights Management solutions that deliver unparalleled file security and in-use protection of engineering data. Users of CAD, technical, training, and business applications can create and share files in their native application format while retaining continuous control over how the information is used. Pinion Software protects information both inside and outside the corporate firewall - whether shared by email, CD/DVD, corporate intranet, business portals, or document management systems. Founded in 1998, this privately held company is based in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit our website at

Technical Rights Management and Pinion Receiver are trademarks of Pinion Software, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Date:Dec 19, 2006
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