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New Book Challenges Bad Stats. Book review Mar 21, 2019 859
A Chicago Success Story: A Chicago program allows a student to get a free education in health care at one of the nation's top universities. Nov 30, 2017 1342
An Unexpected Benefit: For one young woman, Linfield College's tuition remission benefit was a "blessing in disguise". Nov 16, 2017 1466
A Daughter's Education: A college custodian and his daughter take advantage of a benefit that some institutions offer to their staff members: free tuition for their children. Nov 2, 2017 2099
The Diversity Advantage: A new trend of chief diversity officers becoming college presidents is emerging. Nov 2, 2017 1181
Authentic Conversations: Experts say incoming freshmen should receive an honest account of what takes place on college campuses. Nov 2, 2017 1869
Leaving Veterans in the Lurch. Oct 19, 2017 1307
Can Chess Be a Gateway to College? Oct 5, 2017 1062
Gaps in Degree Attainment Remain. Oct 5, 2017 1720
Understanding Higher Education Costs. Book review Oct 5, 2017 838
Optimizing Education: Why Juan Salgado's nontraditional path to becoming chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago has been a natural progression. Interview Sep 21, 2017 1149
Expert: Diversifying cybersecurity starts with 'targeted recruiting'. Sep 7, 2017 771
Looming concerns about NIH funding cuts. Jul 27, 2017 1172
Boeing diversifies via education partnership. Jul 27, 2017 1272
FAFSA Hacker targeted Trump tax info. Jun 15, 2017 1143
King champions a new education movement. Jun 15, 2017 1739
Preparing minority students for the data-driven future. Jun 15, 2017 1208
Top colleges urged to boost percentage of pell grant students. Jun 1, 2017 1207
P-TECH: A promising industry-school partnership. Jun 1, 2017 1947
Ex-education secretary: Policy rollback an 'Assault on American Dream'. May 18, 2017 855
Report: Colleges' reliance on tuition revenue growing. May 18, 2017 799
Experts: NY free-college model positive, not perfect. May 4, 2017 1086
The future of the federal Pell Grant surplus remains uncertain. Apr 20, 2017 755
On the front line: admissions and enrollment leaders develop strategies to provide prospective students with the ultimate college experience. Apr 20, 2017 1325
Profiting from lower ed. Book review Apr 20, 2017 854
Diversity leader. Interview Apr 6, 2017 812
Social cues: experts examine the pros and cons of companies' use of social media to investigate prospective hires. Feb 23, 2017 1208
Class act: Maricopa Community Colleges seeks to usher in a new system that will change the way the school system compensates, recognizes and rewards its employees. Feb 23, 2017 1260
Finding their roots: colleges and universities are using to connect students with their background and heritage. Feb 9, 2017 1406
Success in cybersecurity. Interview Jan 26, 2017 719
Aging gracefully. Interview Jan 26, 2017 730
Michelle Obama: America needs diversity to advance. Jan 12, 2017 802
Cyber students: ACES and cyber scholars are connecting students with internships and jobs in cybersecurity. Jan 12, 2017 1432
NADOHE survey: Diversity officers increasingly on executive level. Dec 29, 2016 845
Standing with students: staff and faculty are attempting to understand and even participate in student activism. Dec 29, 2016 1147
Algorithms in education marked 'WMDs' in data scientist's new book. Book review Nov 17, 2016 713
Host colleges winners in presidential debates. Nov 3, 2016 881
Proposed accreditation system factors in students' financial health. Nov 3, 2016 838
Proposed legislation seeks to improve access, completion. Oct 20, 2016 811
Increasing college access through concurrent enrollment programs. Book review Oct 20, 2016 748
Free college proposal a threat to private colleges, diversity, some say. Oct 6, 2016 1265
Appointment of science adviser should be Trump, Clinton priority, scholars say. Oct 6, 2016 803
Education stakeholders see positives, pitfalls of Credential Registry. Oct 6, 2016 837
'Uncle Tom' uncovered: an anthropology professor has discovered a small Maryland town as the likely birthplace of Josiah Henson, the alleged inspiration behind the classic novel. Interview Oct 6, 2016 1091
Restoring voting rights to felons a step toward ending black voter suppression. Sep 22, 2016 840
Outcome unexpected: highrer education weighs in on the young Latino vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Sep 22, 2016 1274
A 'game of loans' for today's students. Book review Sep 22, 2016 900
Scholar: Trump's suggestion of 'Rigged' election could ignite resentment in politics. Sep 8, 2016 761
Sociology professor: Milwaukee riots not a surprise. Sep 8, 2016 1086
The right match: a new website promises to pair prospective students with the best graduate schools. Website overview Sep 8, 2016 1072
George Mason renaming a roadblock to diversity. Aug 25, 2016 835
Analyze this: Delaware State University uses data science to not only improve retention rates among students but the overall success of the school. Aug 25, 2016 1246
Scholar warns body cams used to show underrepresented in worst light. Aug 11, 2016 828
Advocates call for rigorous evaluation of second chance pell pilot initiativem. Conference notes Aug 11, 2016 740
Valuable volunteers: advice from student financial aid administrators on being a minority professional in the industry. Interview Aug 11, 2016 1166
Equal access: a growing number of colleges are turning to open education resources (OER) in an effort to relieve some financial stress for students. Jul 28, 2016 1249
Class disparity complicates Campus Life at Elite institutions. Book review Jul 28, 2016 897
Will LeBron James' assist actually get disadvantaged youth through college? Jul 14, 2016 1113
Experts say low-income students' needs exceeding basic financial aid. Conference notes Jun 30, 2016 747
U.S. secretary of education John B. King leading charge to diversify K-12 schools. Jun 30, 2016 887
Investment anxiety: Higher ed institutions navigate the unpredictable world of endowment management. Jun 30, 2016 1137
Student debt is causing new graduates to delay making major life moves. Jun 16, 2016 840
Juggling act: many low-income community college students struggle with balancing a full courseload and working to take care of financial responsibilities outside of school. May 19, 2016 1180
Most Promising Places to Work in Community Colleges. May 19, 2016 5727
Are colleges obsessed with test scores? Book review May 19, 2016 781
Student data often underutilized in promoting success for students. Conference notes May 5, 2016 780
Education elite: a new study examines the importance of diversifying chairs and professorships in academia. May 5, 2016 1064
Nelson uses critical race to go above and beyond the law. Interview Apr 21, 2016 896
Unwanted input: a recent study questions the role coaches take in athletes' scholarly decisions. Apr 21, 2016 1215
Controversy surrounds TM2, the newest search firm in higher education. Apr 7, 2016 1981
New study says colleges' financial outreach coming at Pell Grant recipients' expense. Apr 7, 2016 1138
'Lifesaver' grants: Georgia State University's Panther Retention Grant program is helping students who lack the funds to pay for their last few semesters of school. Apr 7, 2016 1283
Undocumented abroad: DACA students face the legal ramifications and challenges of studying in other countries. Mar 24, 2016 1371
Changing the face of science. Interview Jan 28, 2016 694
Challenging Muslim identity. Interview Jan 28, 2016 680
How research universities are partnering with businesses. Book review Oct 8, 2015 873
Longtime UMBC president speaks on civil rights experiences, STEM. Book review Aug 13, 2015 875
Stressing the importance of going green to the black community. Book review Jun 18, 2015 871
Turnaround artist. Interview Jun 4, 2015 744
Sell-job for double-click degrees and competency-based platforms falls short. Book review Apr 23, 2015 1114
Using writing to help vets at post-9/11 universities. Book review Mar 26, 2015 914
Ivy league importance debated by former Yale prof. Book review Jan 1, 2015 851
Wireless grant electrifies: despite Virginia State University's fragile state, the university managed to secure a multimillion-dollar technology grant this fall. Dec 4, 2014 1145
Examples of successful championing of change on campus lacking. Book review Oct 9, 2014 917
Look for the red jacket: City Year is establishing a formal pipeline for those from diverse backgrounds to become teachers. Aug 28, 2014 1235
Congress unveils series of higher ed legislative proposals. Aug 14, 2014 924
What about the GED completers? Book review Aug 14, 2014 875
'Hold Fast to Dreams,' says Counselor. Book review Jul 17, 2014 868
Wired in: Professor Kari Frisch is maintaining 95 percent retention rates in her online courses at Central Lakes College through innovative methods. Apr 24, 2014 1142
Latino/Asian achievement gap explored. Book review Feb 27, 2014 864
Inequity and scripture. Book review Jan 2, 2014 761
By the numbers: why are participation and completion rates in STEM majors so low among underrepresented minorities? Oct 10, 2013 1300
Upgrade required: new modes of higher education require changes in accreditation methods. Sep 12, 2013 1197
Incomplete grade: the National Council for Teacher quality is facing criticism for its flawed assessment of diversity in teacher prep programs. Aug 29, 2013 1197
James Meredith: from country boy to civil rights leader. Aug 15, 2013 737
The next generation: New America Foundation report highlights innovative retention, completion programs. Jul 4, 2013 1215
Community colleges able to serve more students because of Prop. 30. Jun 20, 2013 691
Dream big: partnership programs make college a reality for first-generation students. Jun 6, 2013 1178
Wingfield delves into stereotypical roles of Black men in the workplace. Book review May 9, 2013 849
Virtual explosion: institutions are increasingly incorporating online technologies into their long-term plans. Mar 28, 2013 1323

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