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Abbreviated study along the wall.

Call it functional sculpture: the geometric shapes of these built-in bookshelves and desk form a handsome workspace along one wall of a new master bedroom. The homeowners asked Los Angeles architect David Kellen to provide separate writing, display, and storage areas in a single, unified design while keeping costs low. Kellen used paint-grade birch plywood (about $36 for a 4- by 8-foot panel 3/4 inch thick), which the owners decided to leave natural. This economy proved serendipitous because the warm, honeycolored natural tone of the shelving complements that of the red oak floor. Almost Shaker-like in simplicity, the balanced design has eight clean lines five horizontals and three verticals. The three bookshelves notch into a vertical support at the left (and rest on vertical brackets in the center). The fourth shelf breaks this pattern to tuck into the right corner. The desk is the fifth horizontal, running from the wall to a leg lined up with the left side of the shelves. Shelf depth varies from a foot (the top bookshelf) to 30 inches (the TV, shelf). The desk bulges out to 24 inches. To trim the desktop's curved edge, birch 1-by-2 was ripped into thin layers and laminated to the front. The other shelves are trimmed with solid 1-by-2. All wood was sealed with clear polyurethane. 11
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Title Annotation:built-in bookshelves
Date:Jun 1, 1990
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