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Abatai (1589-1646).

Manchu general. Principal wars: expeditions against the Weji (1611) and Jarut (1623); invasions of north China (1629-1638); conquest of China (1644-1646). Principal battles: siege of Dairen (Luda) (1633); siege of Chinchou (1641).

Born July 27, 1589, the seventh son of Nurhachi; led Manchu forces to subdue the Weji (1611) and Jarut (1623) tribes; disciplined for abandoning his colleagues during a raid into China (1629) and was also held responsible for the loss of Yungp'ing and other cities (1629-1630); appointed to the Manchu Board of Works (1631); earned reprimand for military incompetence at the siege of Dairen (1633); reformed his conduct, and together with General Ajige, he reputedly fought and won fifty-six engagements, and was handsomely rewarded for his achievement (1636); deprived of rank for unauthorized withdrawal from the siege of Chinchou (Jinzhou) (1641); led a raiding force into north China, advancing into Chihli (Hubei), Shantung (Shandong), and Kiangsu (Jiangsu) (November 1642-January 1643); made a Prince of the Second Degree (1644), and given command of troops in Shantung (1645); died May 10, 1646, and posthumously made a Prince of the First Degree (1662).

An inconsistent and dissolute malcontent, he nevertheless showed considerable ability as a commander and administrator. <BL>

Hummel, Arthur W., ed., Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period.
     Washington, D.C., 1943.


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