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Abadi al Johar: From nightclub singer to sell-out concert performer!

Every artist has entered the entertainment world in their own unique way. We've heard of stars starting off as models, others as nightclub singers and some by complete chance.

For Saudi singer Abadi al Johar, it was the last two!

According to Gololy news, Johar stepped into showbiz by coincidence, when he was on a medical trip to Egypt with his mother.

At the time, he had taken his mum to Cairo for treatment, and the only way to pay off her medical bills was to sing in nightclubs!

Although Johar had a real talent for singing, his real dream was to become a police officer. But as luck had it, his neighbor, the late singer Talal Maddah, heard him sing was was astonished by the quality of his voice.

That's when he tutored him on his journey to stardom in the singing world.

Well, we've Egypt and Talal Maddah to thank for introducing us to you, Johar!

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Date:Jul 15, 2015
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