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Abacus Data Ltd.

"One-Stop Computer Shop" for a Wide Range of Data Processing Services

Abacus Data Ltd. is a Canadian computer software consulting firm based in Manitoba. It was established in 1982 to service small and large Manitoba businesses with a wide range of data processing requirements. Flexibility has been the backbone of corporate growth. Abacus currently employs 40 computer and systems specialists for micro computers, large main frame computers and to provide clients with placement services.

Commitment to Excellence

The highest performance standards are maintained in meeting client needs that range in scope from a consultation to provide advice on systems, to customized software development and on-site implementation, analysis or training. This wide-ranging commitment to excellence is unique to the local marketplace. It ensures that every client's needs are met on an on-going basis, now and in the future.

In an industry where future success relies more than ever on the references of satisfied customers, Abacus understands the need to adhere to budgets in a competitive business environment. Whenever possible, firm quotations are provided for more complex projects and deviations are submitted for approval. Standards of excellence are maintained in every aspect of every data processing project, whatever the scope.

Abacus Micro

Abacus Micro is a division of Abacus Data Ltd. It was established to specialize in custom software for micro computers and is expertly run by Jim Perchaluk and Pierre Doyle, both of whom hold Master's degrees in Computer Science. A team of experienced associates provide knowledgeable assistance.

Initially, Jim or Pierre provide clients with consulting services to determine the individual needs of each firm. Programs are then written to provide advantages within the client's industry that are otherwise unattainable. This software belongs solely to the business for which it is developed and cannot be used by any other firm.

If the initial consultation indicates that custom software is not required, Abacus will advise on the selection and purchase of one of the many excellent software packages on the market. They will install the package and provide training with contracts for on-going support.

Hardware and Communication Support

In addition to software, clients are assisted in the selection, installation and configuring of hardware as required. As system integrators, Abacus can combine hardware and software into a complete package for worry-free delivery.

Given the current information revolution, getting the information to where it is needed most is critical. Local area networks (LANs) are commonly used to connect several micro computers for sharing data and printers. Abacus will install LANs and create custom solutions to manipulate databases within the LAN environment.
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