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Aastrom Biosciences begins study of new stem cell transplant procedure in leukemia patients.

Aastrom Biosciences, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, has initiated a Phase I/II safety and feasibility study the rate of normal blood cell recovery and survival of leukemia patients following a transplant of cord blood stem cells using its new CB-II Therapy Kit in the AstromReplicell System. The company says the new kit has been shown to produce a significantly higher number of cord blood stem cells that its CB-I Therapy Kit.

As the use of cord blood stem cells to treat patients with leukemia and other diseases increases, Aastrom says there is concern about the comparatively small quantity of transplant cells available from standard cord blood cell collection procedures. The company says the Aastrom Replicell System, along with the CB-II Therapy Kit, has the potential to improve the availability, and hopefully the effectiveness, of cord blood stem cell transplants by increasing the amount of key therapeutic cells 10-fold.

An estimated 60,000 people are diagnosed with leukemia each year, and Aastrom believes about 35,000 are potential candidates for cord blood-derived stem cell transplants if a large enough cell dose is available.

Contact: Lisa Fern - (734) 930-5777, ext. 353
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Comment:Aastrom Biosciences begins study of new stem cell transplant procedure in leukemia patients.
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Date:Nov 30, 2000
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