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Aaron "Jaws" Homoki the thrasher interview.

Ladies and gentleman, children of all shapes and sizes, elderly citizens with limited mobility, step right up and view the eighth wonder of the world. The double-jointed desert-dwelling anomaly that has to be seen to believed. His shocking feats of gravity-defying madness will leave you speechless. His rubber-limbed fantastic free falls will strike terror into the hearts of the most brazen men. Witness a man so daring he'll jump from the high dive into a pool with no water in it! A human so invincible he'll leap from a plane without a parachute! A freak of nature so unbelievable that scientists doubt HIS VERY EXISTENCE! Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: Aaron "Jaws" Homoki!

Which do you prefer to be called: Aaron or Jaws?

I prefer Aaron for my family and close friends and Jaws for the people who don't know me.

You just had a birthday. How old are you?

Yeah, just turned 24 years old a few weeks ago.

Do you feel 24? Or more like 16?

Sometimes 16 and other days 40.

How was King of the Road this year?

It was freaking awesome! Clint Walker impressed me a ton with all the non-skateboarding challenges--leading the charge. Mike Davis also killed it with the tech stuff. And Raybourn looped the fullpipe!

Are you and Birdhouse going to defend your trophy this year or what?

Fuck yeah we are. Probably with the same crew.

Seems like you have been going nonstop since then. Right after, you went on a cross-country road trip then knocked out this Thrasher interview in 16 days in AZ.

Are you burnt yet?

Getting there. Pretty burnt to be honest. I have been street skating a lot lately with a good crew out here in CA. It's messing with my tranny game hitting all the street spots non-stop.

What keeps you going?

All my friends that I skate with in AZ and Long Beach. All the crazy spots you and other people have been showing me.

You don't seem like you don't drink alcohol that much--a lot of stretching and a healthy lifestyle?

I don't dabble too much with alcohol. I get really bad hangovers and can't skate like that. I stretch a lot with foam rollers and keep myself as healthy as I can.

You have sweet tooth, though. Candy, right? What's your favorites?

I've been trying to eat more fruit instead of eating candy all the time.

You have a garden in your backyard. What have you been growing?

My dad is a landscaper so we are winging it. The best thing we have grown is watermelon, which seems crazy in the desert. I also have an artichoke plant. We're going to try to grow all kinds of stuff.

What's the secret to jumping off tall buildings?

Taking baths.

You mean taking bath salts?

No. Taking nice hot baths. I don't really know. Maybe just keep doing it. Almost like keeping yourself conditioned to jumping off of big stuff, that way you don't get sore.

It helps weighing about 90 pounds, right? You just float with minimal impact.

Yeah, it has got to help. I actually weigh 123 pounds. It's just what I like to do. I can't nose manual. I've probably only done one kickflip manual in my life. I can hardly back noseblunt a ledge, so I'm down to just huck It's what I like to do.

The first time I shot with you in Dubai, you ollied over a huge double-set rail. On your first attempt, you kicked your board away and landed on your feet. I was blown away--no tuck and roll.

This is just a crazy thought in my head: I've had a trampoline my whole life. Maybe there is a connection with that and landing on my feet.

Is it that you're double jointed?

I think I am double jointed in my knees. My knees go more inward than most peoples'. My physical therapist saw some of my footage and was blown away.

You have a crazy taping method for your ankles before you jump.

Yeah, your heels flatten out just from naturally walking on your feet, so I tape them in a way that squeezes the heel pads tighter. Add some Foot Print insoles and two pairs of socks and I'm ready to go.

No wonder you can't do manuals; you can't feel your feet.

Exactly. No board feel.

Do you think you've maxed out your ollies or can you still go bigger?

I'm still searching, for sure. There's no way to tell until I get hurt. I basically know the range. But they're fun to me, so I'm going to keep them going.

I send you photos all the time of outrageous ollies, just for fun. But a lot of people send you photos of spots to check out, right?

Oh yeah, everywhere I go it's like, "I got this ollie for you!" "Okay. Let's go check it out."

Just like the dump truck. I was driving by and flipped a U-turn--almost as a joke to show you. Then you ended up tail ollieing into it.

We almost didn't follow you. I didn't think I could do it. I couldn't even climb up there. Then I just started to figure it out. All the homies were drinking and yelling at me to do it. They actually got me stoked to try it. The next morning it was gone. That was the best spot to ever come up on.

You bought a house a few years ago in AZ, and it's directly across the street from your parents' house. Are you going to live in AZ forever?

Yeah, probably stay in AZ unless I get really weird and move to Thailand for a while.

You're kind of a hippy, but then again, you're kind of a raver. What's up with the raves?

They are fun as shit--with drugs or no drugs. Only go to a rave if you like the music.

Take some molly and go dance around all night with glow sticks?

Yeah, that's it. I put my hood on and run around and dance and holler at girls. No glow sticks, though.

What kinda music do you listen to usually?

I was into techno before I was into skateboarding. I also like Built to Spill and Talking Heads--Stoner Rock and Indie Rock stuff. Just peaceful, nice music that puts me in a good mood.

What about to get hyped to skate?

Sometimes if I'm getting gnarly I put the headphones on and crank the techno.

You have girlfriend in AZ?

Yeah, I do.

What comes first: your skateboard or her?

Is that even a question? She knows what's up. She's awesome!

I've hung out with your father a few times; he's a really cool guy. He isn't fazed by you ollieing off of huge stuff, right?

No, he actually tells me to do crazier stuff than I already do. He also finds me spots to skate.

Did he actually say, "If you're not doing something that can kill you, why do it at all?"

Yeah, he said that. He also lives by the motto: do something f that scares you every day.

Is it a true story that he made you walk home from a skatepark because you wouldn't do a 540 that he requested?

How the fuck did you hear about that? Yeah, he was telling me to do a bunch of tricks that day and I didn't want to do any of them because I was just skating--doing what I wanted to do.

So he requested a 540 and I said, "Dad, I'm not doing it, whether you like it or not;" So he took off and made me skate all the way home.

How did you get on Birdhouse?

Riley Hawk showed Tony my footage and he called me up. I am so happy he hit me up. I like riding for Birdhouse.

What's it like going on tour with the most famous skateboarder in the world?

It's awesome. He's just a skate rat. He's always stoked on any level of skateboarding.

Do you have any good travel stories about going on the road with him?

I was on the Gumball 3000 Rally with Tony and some other famous people, and I got to smoke weed with him and Xzibit. It was rad because Tony never smokes weed. I've offered it to him a bunch of times and he always turns it down. But when Xzibit offers he is down!

You recently got looped on Tony's track. How many tries did it take you?

It took some practice with the mats set up, but once they were gone I got it first try.

I saw a video of you before you started skating it, saying you were probably going to break your neck. Were you scared at all?

It was way bigger than I thought it was going to be. I was kind of scared but Tony explained that you just go with the loop and don't bend your knees. You don't pump it; you just let it take you for a ride--and it worked.

Do you think you could do a natural fullpipe loop?

I don't think so. But I would try with some mats and maybe some pads

Have you fucked around on the mega ramp?

Only at Woodward. Back 360 melon but I was too scared to hit the quarterpipe. I'm not ready for that.

Do kids fan out on you when you are doing demos or traveling?

Yeah, kind of.

What question do they ask you the most?

"What's the gnarliest thing you are going to do here?"

Have you been in any video games?

Actually, yes. I'm going to be a character in the new Tony Hawk mobile game for tablets and phones. I'm in there with Tony, Riley Hawk, Chris Cole and David Gonzalez. Its kind of a dream come true because I grew up playing Tony Hawk video games. That's where I learned the names of all the tricks.

Are you one of those guys who has an agent or do you handle all of your business yourself?

No way. I handle it all myself. My parents help me with my taxes, but that's it.

Do you ever call up Tony and hit him up for life advice or trick selections?

Sometimes. I hit him up for tricks to see if they've been done or not.

Top three favorite skateboarders that are from AZ?

Josh Hawkins, Ryan Lay and Chris Livingston.

What video projects are you working on right now?

I've been filming a lot for the Dekline video coming sometime in 2104.

Do you have a shoe coming out on Dekline?

Yeah, it just came out. It's called the Jaws.

What are you going to do with those fat paychecks?

Save that shit!

What's your plan for your skate career?

Jump until I can't anymore and then skate tranny 'til it hurts. Then put on pads and keep skating.

Who hooks you up?

Birdhouse, Dekline, Independent trucks, Bones, Asphalt Yacht Club, Bro Style, Foot Print insoles, Neff, Glassy and

When are you gonna get that energy drink sponsor?

Hopefully never. It would be good to get a drink sponsor that I actually drink. Something that's good for you.

Get the Birdman to make some calls for you. I'm sure he knows somebody who knows somebody.

Yeah, Tony, hook it up! Either way I don't care. I'm good where I'm at.
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