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Aaron's burr.

The so-called Pellicano investigation has had Hollywood on high alert for over a year, so when the first "revelations" came forth last week they seemed downright anti-climatic. After hearing whispers of all the important names that would be drawn into the case, it turns out that Aaron Russo was the man who was being bugged.

Who is Aaron Russo? He's a big, genial goofball who once managed Bette Midler and produced "Trading Places." He also made a haywire gubernatorial run in Nevada a few years ago on a platform that was more nihilist than iconoclast. In point of fact, Russo doesn't even try to make sense much of the time.

Russo also had a habit of getting involved in lawsuits over the years, and thus emerged as a tangential target of Pellicano probes. A former member of the Beverly Hills Police admitted he used his department's computers to obtain information, then sold it to Pellicano.

I would assume other names may surface from this investigation to fulfill the dire warnings that Pellicano will bring down the high and mighty.

Meanwhile, some advice to Aaron Russo: Stop talking.

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Title Annotation:THE BACK LOT; Aaron Russo investigated by Anthony Pellicano
Author:Bart, Peter
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Jan 16, 2006
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