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Byline: Samina T. Yousuf Azeemi, Tuba H Azeemi, Rohan A Awan and Humaira Humayun

ABSTRACT: Visible range radiation therapy has been in use for many centuries but a solid scientific background has been provided to this therapy a few years back. But there was still a need for working apparatus for therapy. Azeemi Visio chrome has been designed with solid scientific background for this purpose. As light (colors) falls on living cells, it generates electrical impulses and magnetic currents which act as prime activators of bio-chemical and hormonal processes or it can be said that this energy (light) when absorbed, elevates the energy levels and acts as catalyst for several reactions before running to normal energy state. This makes Visiochrome an effective and scientific practical implication of visible range radiation therapy.

Keywords: Visio-chrome, prime activators, visible range radiation therapy


Visible range radiation therapy is one of the oldest therapeutic modality used to treat various health conditions also known as color therapy [1]. Color medicine is an extensive term that refers to a variety of healing modalities and Techniques that offers specific colors or levels of vibrations to specific parts of the body to regenerate and rejuvenate areas that are diseased or having blocked or restricted energy [2]. The purpose of all the energy medicine therapies is to somehow apply vibrations in such a manner that body can be put back on the health track. Most systems induce vibrations indirectly, but the other way by which the vibrations are used directly upon body and colour therapy is one of them.

Visible range radiations are non-ionizing radiations which lie in the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum having wavelength ranges from 400nm to 700nm. And each color has its own capability to cure different ailments. According to the doctrine of Colour therapy, visible range electromagnetic radiations (colours) generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or field of energy which acts as prime activators of biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body system [3].

Color and light treatment use specific colors of the visible spectrum to trigger vital cellular activity that supports healthy functioning [4]. The body tissues actually absorb the charge of light, reacting in a photosynthetic process. When radiant energy is absorbed, the energy levels are elevated to a higher energy level and are capable of acting as catalysts in order to combine numerous compounds before returning to the normal energy state. [5]

Visio-chrome uses visible range radiations/colours to create its unique relaxing and restorative environment.


The Visio-chrome, designed for the practical implication of the chromotherapy was constructed using fibreglass as the main material, which was supported by a metal frame, thus giving it the dimensions 36"x36"x60". The reason for using fibreglass is its resistance to corrosive attacks, low electrical conductivity, damage and breakage resistance, simple assembling, strength, cheap maintenance and above all its light weight.

The ceiling of Azeemi Visio chrome was installed with LED lights of monochromatic wavelengths corresponding to red, blue, green and yellow colors along with zero-watt bulbs for the absorption of these colors by the body to cure corresponding diseases. The distance of these lights was maintained at least one foot from the head of the patient who was to reside inside the Visio-chrome for which, a seat was placed inside the Azeemi Visio chrome.

The patient, after the diagnosis of disease and its corresponding colour, was seated inside the Visio-chrome in the suggested lights for minutes. This procedure was done for days or months.


Table 1.1 Visio-colors with corresponding diseases

###Wavelength###Frequency###Time Of###Disease


###Red###700-635 nm###430-480 THz###5-10 minutes###Haemarhoids,constipation,coldness

###Orange###635-590 nm###480-510 THz###5-15 minutes###Prostate gland, impotence, frigidity

###Yellow###590-560 nm###510-540 THz###15 minutes###Hypoglaicamic, diabetes, ulcers

###Green###560-490 nm###540-610 THz###10-25 minutes###Asthma, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease

###Blue###490-450 nm###610-670 THz###10 minutes###Burns and swelling, depression

###Violet###450-400 nm###670-750 THz###5-25 minutes###Lapse of cellular memory, negative emotions

###accumulated since birth.

The beneficial effects of visible range radiations have been mentioned earlier, it was considered important to design and implement a working apparatus for this mode of treatment.

For this purpose, the apparatus designed is called Azeemi Visio chrome.

For achieving desired physiological result in visible range radiation therapy light energy must be transformed into kinetic or heat energy. As First Law of Photobiology states that light energy must be first absorbed by an atom or molecule in order to initiate a physical or chemical process. Therefore the light that is being used for healing applications must be absorbed by a specific chromophore in the biological tissue.

As soon as the Light energy is deposited into a tissue the photons are absorbed into the tissue. This absorbed energy is largely converted to heat. The body's vascular system eradicates heat from the treated area gradually by the time.

The tissue may boil, vaporize or explode if there is large optical power over the shorter illumination time. Therefore, the rate of application of light is as essential as the total amount of absorbed light [5]. That is why the LED's have been used which have a moderate rate of application of light as well as their availability in almost any wavelength and steadily increasing total output power. Which, can now be performed at a tiny fraction of the cost (<1%) by LEDS as compared with the equivalent laser source [1]. Visible Range Radiation Therapy also creates photo-bio modulation effect, which activates enzymatic process in cells in order to promote metabolism. As previous studies show that most of the enzymes need light (energy) for proper functioning [3]. Just as there are specific chemical "lock and key" systems that control cell membrane permeability, there are specific energetic frequencies that stimulate cells and tissues to perform their functions [6].

Subsequent research has also shown that the release of specific hormones can be triggered by specific EMFs [7].

The Visible Range Radiation Therapy is a cost-effective and efficient method of treating different ailments with absolutely no side effects. There is no pain during the procedure.

However, it is a time-consuming method but its benefits outweigh this drawback.


This practical implication of visible range radiation therapy-Azeemi Visio chrome is designed to create the free flow of energy to its users and thus proposed as a common alternate mode of treatment which can be easily availed by common man and people of all age groups


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