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AXE GANG HACKS OFF DAD'S NOSE; Son, 5, sees horror.


A DAD'S nose and fingers were hacked off by an axeweilding gang in Africa as his terrified son looked on.

Mike Minihane, 45, a security worker in Kenya, was opening the gates to his home in capital Nairobi when five men, who also had an AK-47, confronted him.

Mike's mum Helen Minihane, 75, said her grandson Connor witnessed the attack on his dad.

She said: "He was in the car when it happened. Imagine a five-year-old seeing something like that. It's terrifying."

Mike had just returned from dinner with American wife Christine and Connor. It is believed Mr Minihane - from Dollar, Clacks - bravely fought the gang, who then ran away.

But his nose was hacked off and head injured by the axe.

Mike had to have an eighthour "exploratory" operation at Nairobi Hospital, including having fingers reattached.

Speaking from her home in Dollar, Mrs Minihane said: "He also suffered a fractured skull and broken teeth. He has had his fingers reattached but his jaw is damaged. The surgeons are also considering putting a metal pin behind one of his eyes."

A police inspector described the attack as "particularly brutal".

He added: "Mr Minihane grabbed the gun and began to fight the men, then they attacked his face."


ATTACKED Mike, Christine and Connor, then aged three
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2010
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