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AVX Introduces 0612 Low Pass Filter Array to Replace 12 Discretes.

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Leading component manufacturer AVX Corporation recently introduced the 0612 Low Pass Filter array.

The array provides four equivalent RCR T-Filters with a dual common ground, resulting in the equivalent of eight resistors and four capacitors in one chip. Primary applications are in signal filtering, EMI suppression, and mobile or cordless systems.

"With the constant miniaturization of electronic systems, the need to integrate is a must, now more than ever," said Joe Rana, AVX product marketing manager. "The Low Pass Filter Array offers up to 82% board area savings over traditional filter methods, which translates into lower pick and place costs, as well as quicker assembly times."

The Low Pass Filter array yields a more efficient filter, thereby allowing cell phone manufacturers to produce phones with better signal to noise ratios which translates into phones with lower spurious emissions and better audio characteristics.

The Low Pass Filter Array features the ability to filter four circuits with one package, providing distributed capacitance, and shielded resistance. The integrated package also has lower parasitic capacitance compared to discretes. This translates into improved frequency response and broader filter attenuation. Applications include T-Filter designs, low pass filtering, I/O cables, digital circuits, EMI filtering, digital control lines, and IF filters. The initial availability is for designs with capacitance values from 10 - 50pF and resistance values from 10 to 500 ohms. The 0612 array also features a custom, RAMBUS design for the differential clock filter. Other custom configurations are available as well.

The 0612 Low Pass Filter array is available at a price of $0.42 in quantities of 100,000. For additional literature on this and other integrated components from AVX, please contact the AVX Literature Department at, by fax at 843-626-5186, or on the World Wide Web at .

AVX Corp. is a leading international electronic supplier of components with worldwide manufacturing facilities, offering the world's broadest selection of passive electronic components. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:AVX).

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Date:Dec 23, 1999
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