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* US 10,076,479 B1; Avon Products, Suffern, NY, has patented a method for diminishing dermatological signs of aging in human skin. It comprises, in any order, the steps of topically applying to an area of the skin, at least once daily, different skin treatment compositions. The first composition, which contains an effective amount of an alpha-hydroxy acid or salt thereof, is applied for 2 to 15 days. The second and different skin treatment composition is applied at least once daily for a second period of time comprising from 2 to 15 days. This second treatment composition comprises a moisturizer.

Hair Color Patented by L'Oreal

* US Patent No. 10,058,494 B2; L'Oreal, Paris, has been awarded a US patent for its method to alter hair color. The method entails mixing a hair treatment composition and a color-altering composition; applying the mixtures to the hair; and applying a conditioning composition.

The treatment composition is comprised of monoethanolamine; at least one carboxylic acid chosen from maleic acid and salts thereof; at least one solvent chosen from water, cosmetically-acceptable organic solvents, and combinations thereof. The color-altering composition is comprised of at least one bleaching agent and optionally at least one colorant compound. The conditioning composition is comprised of monoethanolamine; at least one carboxylic acid chosen from maleic acid and salts thereof; and at least one solvent chosen from water, cosmetically acceptable organic solvents, and combinations thereof.

Mary Kay Patents Topical Skin Formulations

* US Patent No. 10,052,278 B2; Mary Kay Inc., Addison, TX, has patented a method of treating a human or animal having skin in need of moisturization. The method entails topically applying a composition comprising a hydrolyzed algae extract, a saccharide isomerate, and a dermatologically-acceptable vehicle to the skin, wherein at least one of skin permeability is decreased, filaggrin production is increased, skin moisture is increased, occludin production is increased, or TNF[alpha] production is inhibited. The hydrolyzed algae extract comprises exopolysaccharides from Halymenia durvillei, and the saccharide isomerate comprises an exopolysaccharide synthesized by Vibrio alginolyticus.

Amorepacific Moisturizer With Minerals, Quinoa Extract

* US Patent No. 10,028,901 B2; Amorepacific Corporation, Seoul, has patented a cosmetic composition for skin moisturization. It is comprised of calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc and a quinoa extract. The cosmetic composition increases a natural moisturizing factor, wherein the natural moisturizing factor comprises at least one or more selected from the group consisting of filaggrin and loricrin.

Aerosol Antiperspirant

* US Patent No. 10,076,474 B2; Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, has patented an aerosol antiperspirant composition that contains a propellant and an antiperspirant composition comprising one or more liquid materials comprising non-volatile polydimethyl siloxane fluid; an antiperspirant active particulate; one or more non-antiperspirant active particulates that are substantially inert.

Sunscreen Composition

* US Patent No. 10,076,475 B2; International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY, has patented a sunscreen composition comprising one or more particles in a sunscreen composition, wherein each of the one or more particles comprises zinc oxy-sulfide and has a band gap between two electron volts and three electron volts, and wherein at least one layer of zinc oxide particles coats the particles.

Colgate-Palmolive Patents Oral Care Composition

* US Patent No. 10,076,476 B2; Colgate-Palmolive Company, New York, has patented an oral care composition comprising a peroxide source, polyhydric alcohol and a surfactant system having an HLB value between 4 and 13.

Keratin Treatment Formulations

* US Patent No. 10,076,478 B2; Liqwd, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA has been awarded a patent for a method of bleaching hair. It entails combining developer with maleic acid or salts thereof and bleach powder to form a bleaching mixture having an alkaline pH.

Wet Skin Moisturizer

* US Patent No. 10,076,480 B2; Kao USA, Inc. has patented a skin conditioning composition comprising at least one block copolymer, which comprises at least one segment derived from a monomer chosen from thermoplastic monomers, thermoplastic comonomers, and mixtures thereof; at least one cationic emulsifier selected from the group consisting of mono-long chain quaternary ammonium materials, di-long chain quaternary ammonium materials and mixtures thereof; and at least one fatty acid amidopropyl dimethylamine.
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