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AVOB(TM) Energy Saver 5 for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

AVOB - Alternative Vision Of Business. The Green IT solutions provider announces that it has become a Technology Partner in the McAfee(R) Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner program. A new version of its flagship software, AVOB(TM) Energy Saver 5 for the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform, has passed integration testing with McAfee(R) ePolicy Orchestrator(R) software, and has achieved McAfee Compatible status. This significant milestone brings power management into a world of simplicity and security.

The power management challenge: Necessity vs. Complexity

In the current economic and environmental context, the pressure to reduce operating costs and the race for greater eco-efficiency are among the top priorities for businesses of any size. IT and Sustainability decision makers are pressured to embark on the path to power management to reduce the energy consumption of network PCs, which represent one of the biggest IT energy consumption area for an enterprise.

Reduce costs and carbon footprint with confidence

AVOB meets these challenges through innovation with its new software solution AVOB(TM) Energy Saver 5 for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform, fully integrated with the latest versions of ePolicy Orchestrator software. Thus, the installation of the solution requires only a few minutes and deployment takes the form of a simple secure update, supported by the ePolicy Orchestrator platform.

The ePolicy Orchestrator platform, perhaps the most advanced security management software in the market, integrates with non-McAfee security applications. The joint solution between AVOB and McAfee will help unify security and energy policies while drastically reducing the effort to deploy the non-McAfee solutions.

"Thanks to the ergonomic interface of AVOB(TM) Energy Saver 5 for the McAfee ePolicy Orcestrator platform, organizations can now implement the most relevant and efficient policies on their network," says Pierre Duchesne, president and founder of AVOB. "Every year, our customers save between $27 and $67 for each workstation without any impact on employee productivity. The return on investment payback can be as short as a quarter."

Competitive strengths to remember

- Smart Sleep(TM) Technology

Intelligent Sleep activation of PCs, monitors and hard drives

- Efficient Power(TM) Technology

Throttle processor power in real time, depending on user needs

- Wake Up Technology

Highly reliable, guaranteeing effective IT maintenance

- Your mobility partner

Boost laptop battery usage without affecting performance

- Free PC monitoring tool

Powerful monitoring tools help communicate energy savings and sustainability results

A massive potential impact

McAfee, the leading dedicated provider of security in the world, has an installed base of over 60 million endpoints that are managed by the ePolicy Orcestrator platform. Deploying AVOB Energy Saver 5 on these endpoints can potentially save billions of dollars each year.

AVOB(TM) Energy Saver 5 for the McAfee ePolicy Orcestrator platform is easy to use and allows IT managers to run their security and energy policies on a single platform, generating maximum savings.

Download now your FREE Enterprise class AVOB Energy Saver 5 for ePO add-on and start monitoring and analyzing the energy consumption of your networked PCs instantly.

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About AVOB

AVOB(TM) - Alternative Vision Of Business is a leading provider of Power Management solutions. Established in 20 countries, with over 100 satisfied corporate customers, AVOB(TM) offers Energy Saver(TM) its flagship enterprise solution, which reduces networked PCs energy consumption by up to 75%.

Leading edge technologies designed by AVOB(TM) won special awards at CeBIT, the largest electronics tradeshow in the world.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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