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Guidance for grape growers

The new Organic Winegrowing Manual is the perfect tool for those looking to grow organic wine grapes and goes hand-in-hand with the pocket-size Vineyard Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards.

Organic wine is becoming increasingly popular -- according to the Organic Trade Association, in 2010 organic wine sales in the United States I topped $169 million. Complete with detailed information on production issues, economics, weed and disease management, and organic certification, the Organic Winegrowing Manual is essential to the aspiring organic wine grape grower.

The nifty Vineyard Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards are an important field reference for all vineyard managers. This colorful guide, which fits in your back pocket, provides a quick field reference to more than 29 common pests, eight diseases, six beneficial insects, and more.

Organic Winegrowing Manual, ANR Pub No 3511, 192 pp, $35

Vineyard Pest ID Cards, ANR Pub No 3532, 50 cards, $25

To order:

Call (800) 994-8849 or (510) 665-2195

or go to or

visit your local UC Cooperative Extension office

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Publication:California Agriculture
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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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