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 SAN DIEGO, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Audre Recognition Systems, Inc. (AMEX: ARS) announced Release 1.1 of the AUDRE Automatic Choice, a highly automated document conversion system.
 Release 1.1 runs on the high performance Sun SPARC and Hewlett- Packard UNIX workstations. Included in Release 1.1 are the new Geometric Recognition System and the new AUDRE Macro Language, as well as powerful additions to the Neural Network-based text recognition, support for Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF), and Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) capabilities. The Automatic Choice reaches an entirely new level of flexibility and recognition accuracy for a variety of document conversion applications, solidifying AUDRE's lead in the automatic document conversion industry.
 The new Geometric Recognition System (GRS), designed to offer flexible solutions to a wide variety of applications, improves the accuracy of previous raster-to-vector conversion technology. The Automated Raster Enhancement (ARE) module of the GRS is an image- processing package which cleans poor quality images, such as images containing marks or smudges, that seriously degrade the performance and accuracy of document conversion processing. The ARE improves the image quality by removing speckles, filling gaps, smoothing lines, and cleaning raster edges.
 The GRS performs unattended raster-to-vector conversion with no specified numeric parameters. The system is designed to easily convert different types of complex documents such as contour maps, road and hydro maps, parcel and cadastral maps, many types of mechanical drawings, and electrical schematics. It is benchmarked 10 times faster and is 30 percent more accurate than the hardware-assisted vectorizer it replaces.
 The new GRS includes application-specific icons to guide the user to the best AUDRE tools for their particular needs. This approach improves recognition of the associated objects and geometries, without further user interaction, allowing input to a variety of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and electronic publication systems.
 Also new with Release 1.1 is the AUDRE Macro Language (AML). The AML allows users to easily write macro programs and functions in a powerful high-level language to customize the Automatic Choice and to allow concurrent operation of the AUDRE suite of software technologies. Through the AML, the user has the opportunity to queue multiple AUDRE conversion jobs in an unattended mode of operation, thus maximizing the multi-tasking capabilities of UNIX workstation technology.
 The latest developments in AUDRE's Neural Network-based text recognition include new approaches to handling degraded documents such as facsimile pages, multi-generation photocopies, and technical manuals. AUDRE has incorporated new character segmentation to separate touching characters, new concatenation software to fix broken characters and locate words, and a lexicon to provide a final decision to the identification of the word. This new approach mimics the way a human being reads words rather than reading them as characters in isolation. The benefit to the user is a higher level of recognition accuracy.
 As a result of AUDRE's recognition of the importance of supporting leading-edge electronic document handling, the AUDRE Automatic Choice now exports converted documents to the new Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). This enables users to take advantage of the productivity gains that Acrobat provides through its document management, navigation, and text-retrieval features.
 AUDRE, a 10-year-old software developer, is a leader in the field of automated conversion. AUDRE designs, develops, and markets a line of proprietary applied intelligence-based software systems. AUDRE's products are used to convert engineering drawings, technical publications, and maps into computer-intelligent formats.
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 /CONTACT: J.W. (Bill) Harvey, vice president-Corporate Communications of AUDRE, 619-451-2260, or Bill Roberts, investor relations counsel of Cameron Towey Central, 513-469-0202, for AUDRE/

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