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AUB graduates 56 medical residents.

AUB graduates 56 medical residents

The American University of Beirut Medical Center and the Faculty of Medicine graduated 56 medical residents in some 25 specialties in a ceremony that was held Friday evening in Issam Fares Hall.

Bright-eyed young men and women and their teary-eyed parents gathered to celebrate the results of long years of study and training, which often warranted a lot of sacrifice from both students and parents.

Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education Thurayya Arayssi welcomed graduates and guests and introduced speakers.

"Our graduates have certainly worked very hard to get here; but they did not get here on their own," she said. "Family, spouses, friends and loved ones helped them along the way. Please join me in thanking them for their sacrifice and support that have allowed these young doctors to make it to this day."

Provost Peter Heath, representing AUB President John Waterbury, congratulated graduates, saying: "The path was long, and the work was difficult, but now you have reached the point to which you aspired so many years ago. I congratulate you on this signal achievement."

He also reminded graduates that they should be grateful for their families' support as well as the guidance and skills they picked up from their teachers and peers.

"AUB's mission is to educate the next generation, to create new knowledge, and to serve the community, whether here in Lebanon or beyond. I believe that your mission as new professionals is closely aligned to that of AUB," he added.

"You must serve as an educational model for members of younger generations who aspire to become physicians... You must still seek new opportunities to expand knowledge... And service lies at the heart of the medical profession; it will be a constant part of your daily lives as long as you pursue this noble profession."

Dr Nadim Cortas, VP for Medical Affairs and the Medical Center, encouraged students to embrace the changes they will be encountering now that they are leaving the University. "Beware of stagnating in your profession," he said. "You should continuously seek to improve and keep abreast of the latest medical advances."

Cortas also told the graduating class that AUBMC itself is continuously seeking to improve and thus plans to add 15 extra operating rooms to its outfit as well as upgrading its scientific programs and outpatient services to include new facilities in three Lebanese cities other than Beirut.

Dr George Aftimos, the president of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, reminded graduates of the values they have pledged to uphold through their medical oath.

He also called on graduates to keep in mind the challenges that the profession is facing, namely the absence of planning in the medical field, leading to over-saturation of certain medical specialties thus pushing many graduating doctors to emigrate. Moreover, he criticized the absence of regulation for herbalists who have been recently filling in for doctors.

Dr Mohammed Khalifeh, outgoing health minister and a member of the AUBMC faculty, commended graduates for their achievements and asked them not to forget their families' support throughout the years. "Embrace the new phase you are embarking on... and remember that you are graduates of one of the best and most noble universities... and you are entrusted with a dual legacy that represents the philosophy [of the university] and the vocation [of medicine]."

Dr Charbel Rameh, who delivered an address on behalf of the graduating class, said that the medical profession is not merely a career or the application of accumulated knowledge, but a way of life that is characterized by caring for others. "If our patients cannot tell how much we care for them, they will not care about how much we know," he said.

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Date:Jun 10, 2008
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