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AUAP announces: 582 984 Foreign Students in American Universities (+3.9%).

This record number is probably due to the weakness of the US Dollar and the quality of the US Higher Education system. Foreign students represent 3.9% of the total student population.

Without bragging, we remind you that there are 17 US universities in the top 20 universities of the World University rankings done by the Shanghai University. Koweit has 1633 students in the US. (64.3% being at the undergraduate level toward a Bachelor's degree). India is the number one with 83 833 students (+9.6%), China (PRC) (#2) 677 23 (+8.2%) and South Korea (#3) 62 392 (+5.7%). In Europe, Germany is the leader with 8 656 students (-2%) followed by the United Kingdom 8 438 (+2%). In the Arab world Saudi Arabia is #1 ahead of Lebanon and Egypt. The University of Southern California (USC) is the university which has the most foreign students ahead of Columbia (NYC) and New York University (We have at your disposal many other statistics for your article).

AUAP establishes a special classification of US Universities for foreign students. It includes, on top of the classic criteria (Quality, Starting salary, Selectivity, Tests average, etc) an important factor (40%) quantifying the international image of each university. AUAP Ranking of US Universities at the Undergraduate level (After High School) 1. Columbia(NY) 2. Stanford (CA)3. NYU (NY)AUAP Ranking of US MBA 1. Harvard (MA) 2. University of Pennsylvania -Wharton (PA) 3. NYU - Stern(NY) 4. Stanford University (CA) 5. Cornell - Johnson (NY) AUAP Ranking of LL.M - Master of Law US (1 year allowing to sit for some Bar exams)1. Cornell University (NY) 2. University of Pennsylvania (PA)3. NYU (NY) 4. Columbia University (NY) 5. Harvard University (MA)

What is AUAP? It is a US based organization that guaranties admissions into US universities through its SELECTION + GUARANTEED ADMISSION PROGRAM (US $2500 ) Since 1995, our international students have been accepted in the most prestigious US universities

This personalized program, coached by former directors of admissions, includes:1. Selection of 4 universities (among 4100) according to the profile and preferences of the student. 2. Official credential course per course evaluation of the foreign studies (very important). 3. Coaching for the mandatory tests (TOEFL, SAT I, SAT II, GRE, etc.).4. Help for the requested essays.5. Interviews coaching and visit planning.6. Selection and inspiration of the letters of recommendation.7. Personalized active support to the student's candidacy (includes personal phone calls to the directors of admissions).8. Scholarship research.9. Visa help, etc.Please keep in mind that most admissions in the USA are competitive and that AUAP guarantees admissions (80% refund, it happened once in 13 years...)

Your readers can contact us directly through e-mail : or visit our detailed educational pages at

Do you need more info?

We have a lot of info, tips and stats, about the US University system, which could be useful for your article. Do not hesitate to contact me directly.

With my best educational regards as "EDUCATION IS OUR PASSION"

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Date:May 15, 2008
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