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AU on the carpet: democratic principals?

Can anyone explain to me just what the African Union (AU) thinks it is playing at? If it were not so bitterly disappointing it would be laughable. Here we have the spectacle of an African institution--reinvented less than four years ago as a replacement for the widely discredited Organisation of African Unity to co-ordinate Africa's anticipated 'renaissance'--completely ignoring its founding principals.

The fact that the AU could even consider holding a summit in Sudan was a slap in the face for those Africans who long for the day when human rights are taken seriously in the continent. Then our leaders have the barefaced audacity to pass on the AU chairmanship to the Republic of Congo's president. Had they forgotten that this man seized power in a coup? How could they possibly justify this?

Ruzima Machacha, Stockholm, Sweden.
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Author:Machacha, Ruzima
Publication:African Business
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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