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 SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The following was released today by Attachmate Corp.:
 "EXTRA!(R) Tools for Microsoft(R) Office Professional changes the way users work with their everyday applications by giving them the ability to exchange information with IBM mainframes."
 Attachmate Corp., a Microsoft 'Partner-Level' Solutions Provider, announced several new solutions today for simplifying PC-to-Host access. Leading the list is their new EXTRA! Tools for Microsoft Office Professional, which includes nine innovative utilities that intuitively link Microsoft Word, Excel and Access to mainframe information. Attachmate also announced the introduction of EXTRA! for Windows NT and EXTRA! for Windows with built-in support for Microsoft's SNA Server. Plans were also announced to enhance support for SNA Server across the entire EXTRA! product line including: EXTRA! Extended for DOS, EXTRA! for Windows AS/400 version, EXTRA! for OS/2, and EXTRA! for Macintosh.
 "Microsoft Office and Windows NT are key to Microsoft's Solutions Platform. We are especially pleased that Attachmate has made such a strong commitment by providing both development tools and enhanced support for the platform," said Steve Ballmer, executive vice president of Sales and Support at Microsoft.
 "Attachmate is a leader in supporting Microsoft's Solutions Platform, and these offerings are another example of bringing innovation to users of Windows and Windows NT," said G. Wayne Smith, Attachmate president and chief executive officer. "Our close ties with customers and with Microsoft allow us to provide tools and applications which match customers' needs. Users can now access and exchange corporate information from the same desktop applications they use day-in and day- out."
 EXTRA! Tools for Microsoft Office Professional are the only suite of workstation-to-host tools on the market designed specifically for Microsoft's Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint applications. These tools work with Attachmate's industry-leading EXTRA! for Windows to help users get the most out of their mainframe connection -- from transferring pages of data to and from the host with a single mouse click, to linking host information dynamically into spreadsheets and graphs, to helping users create their own macros and programs to link Office applications with host applications.
 "Users are looking for more intuitive ways to access their corporate information, and these tools help them do this while getting the most out of their existing software and hardware systems," said Matt Highsmith, vice president of marketing for Attachmate. "Productivity at the desktop must constantly improve for corporations to be competitive, and we've taken a whole new approach to this problem by adding intelligence to the applications users already know and use everyday." Included in this product are the following items:
 IntelliCopy for Word is an intelligent utility that will copy or paste multiple page documents either to or from the mainframe. For example, users can now write their memos in Word, spell-check it, and send it off to their host e-mail with a single click of the mouse. Users can also easily copy any host screen information directly into Word. Intelligence is built-in to determine what type of host application is being run, and automatically adjusts the copy and paste to the type of host screen displayed.
 IntelliLink for Excel is a utility that automates copying and pasting data from the host into Excel. With just a click of a button, IntelliLink for Excel with capture displayed host-session data by parsing the data into rows and columns, and copy the data into an Excel spreadsheet. For example, users can create a sales information speadsheet and graph and automatically link it to a corporate database, and update it with one click of the mouse. It can also handle data that spans multiple pages on the host, and can run a previously recorded EXTRA! for Windows macro before copying.
 IntelliSend allows the user to send PC documents and files to PROFS users through the MAPI interface built into Microsoft's Office products. Documents sent through MAPI from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint will be automatically routed to PROFS by IntelliSend without ever leaving the PC application.
 IntelliDDE is a Windows Help system that shows how to automate EXTRA! for Windows by using DDE in Word and Excel macros. Users can now learn how to easily develop their own macros to perform more customized functions, and this utility steps them through that process and provides sample programs that can be easily copied into Word or Excel.
 The remaining tools are designed for more sophisticated application development for corporate programmers and power users:
 Global Link Library is an innovative set of functions that can be called from Microsoft's Access, Word, or Excel to navigate and capture information from the mainframe for more sophisticated applications. Functions like "start sessions", "send keystrokes", "capture data", "search for text", and many others can now by automated, allowing programmers and powers users to write new interfaces-programs and macros to transparently access data from host applications. The Global Link Library is much easier to use and dramatically more powerful that writing EHLLAPI calls directly.
 Power users and programmers need only learn one language to access host information throughout their enterprise, because the Global Link Library works seamlessly with Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications. The Global Link Library also supports Microsoft's Visual Basic and Visual C++ programming environments.
 Global Link Tools for Access is an extensive toolkit that lets Access programmers incorporate Global Link Library functions into their Access applications. Global Link Tools for Access gives programmers all the tools they need to develop sophisticated client-host applications; Access objects, utility functions, documentation, sample programs, and on-line help are included.
 Global Link Tools for Word and Excel are templates that link Word and Excel to the Global Link Library, along with sample programs showing how to use functions within Word and Excel. This gives Word and Excel users much more powerful access to EXTRA! for Windows in order to develop more sophisticated applications.
 Global Link Tutor is a built-in utility that helps programmers learn how to use the Global Link Library. IntelliTutor generates code so the user doesn't have to do all the coding. The user can try each of the functions, and generate code that can be copied and pasted into their own Word, Excel, Access or Visual Basic applications and macros.
 Host Record/Playback Facility is a clever utility that actually records your host sessions from start to finish, and then allows you to play them back off-line. This provides programmers and power users the ability to easily develop or demo their applications at home or on-the- road -- preventing costly connect charges.
 EXTRA! Tools for Microsoft Office Professional, which is regularly priced at $195, will be available for customer shipment in October. International pricing will vary.
 Attachmate also announced a new version of its EXTRA! PC-to-Host software for Microsoft's Windows NT operating system. "EXTRA! for Windows NT's users interface, connectivity, functionality and multi- tasking application programming interfaces (APIs) will be consistent with the entire family of EXTRA! products -- optimized for the 32-bit environment," said Tim Williams, director of industry relations for Attachmate. "Users won't be bothered learning a whole new product, thereby reducing training and support time."
 In addition to natively supporting Microsoft's SNA Server via the "client/server API," EXTRA! for Windows NT will connect via Token Ring or using IPX to a NetWare for SAA gateway. It will also include several productivity features including intelligent macro capabilities, a SmartPad for push-button execution of host keys and macros, multiple session and IBM SEND/Receive file transfer capabilities. EXTRA! for Windows NT is priced at $425 and will be available in November 1993. International language support and pricing will be available from the Attachmate contact.
 Microsoft's SNA Server is a high-end LAN-to-Host gateway that provides access to IBM mainframes and minicomputers from the Windows NT operating system. Attachmate's family of EXTRA! connnectivity products currently support SNA Server via 802.0 workstation-to-gateway connections. Attachmate will add support for SNA Server's "client/server API" workstation-to-gateway connectivity in EXTRA! for Windows in the fourth quarter of 1993. Enhanced support for SNA Server's client/server configuration will be incorporated into additional members of the EXTRA! family later in 1994, including EXTRA! Extended for DOS, EXTRA! for Windows AS/400 version, EXTRA! for OS/2, and EXTRA! for Macintosh.
 "Customers can now receive unparalleled cross-platform support for Windows NT and the SNA Server," said Highsmith. "Users of EXTRA! for Windows NT, DOS, Windows OS/2 and Macintosh can receive Attachmate's award-winning customer support via an 800 phone number."
 Attachmate is the industry's leading supplier of desktop-to-host connectivity products, achieving over $120 million in revenue for 1992. Its flagship product line EXTRA!, provides 3270 and 5250 host access and advanced programming interfaces for client-host applications, and has sold well over one-million copies. Zip!Office, introduced in January, is a network-based e-mail and calendar system that integrates with the mainframe. The company is continuing to expand its line of connectivity solutions, all of which are designed to meet the specific needs of very large enterprises, bringing information to every desktop in an easy and intuitive manner, regardless of where it resides. Attachmate is a Microsoft "Solutions Provider" at the "Partner" level. Attachmate's Business Development Group also provides contract consulting to large enterprises. Headquartered in Bellevue, Attachmate maintains direct sales offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Far East. The company is privately held. Attachmate Corp., 3617 131st Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98006. 206-644-4010.
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 /CONTACT: Dennis L. Sullivan, director of Public Relations, for Attachmate, 206-649-6551/

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