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Attachmate Corporation, Bellevue, Wash., has launched e-Vantage for Airlines. This product gives immediate web access to the wide range of legacy systems used within the airline industry, and provides a toolkit to implement web- based solutions across all the business areas of an airline.

"e-Vantage for Airlines' core strengths are a consistent interface to different legacy systems, centralized management, and web-based guaranteed print delivery," said Ian Oliver, general manager of the Attachmate Airlines Group. "These strengths bring fast and cost-effective web application development, helping airlines remain competitive in all forms of web commerce and substantially reducing cost of ownership."

Legacy systems supported include IBM(R) TPF and ALCS, IBM MVS(TM), and UNISYS(R) 2200 systems. Communication can either be by TCP/IP all the way to the host, or for airlines still in the earlier stages of TCP/IP migration, via legacy protocol gateways.

The Solutions

Attachmate e-Vantage Host Access Server - The most complete host access management server on the market. Companies can gain control over complexity through centralized management of enterprise-wide host access involving thin and custom clients. Supporting all major types of host access, e-Vantage(TM) Host Access Server supports companies' current needs while they evolve to web-to-host access at their own pace.

Attachmate e-Vantage Viewer clients - Thin, web-based terminal emulation clients for all major host, network, and desktop platforms that provide access to legacy systems through industry-standard web browsers. Viewer Clients for ActiveX and Java ship with e-Vantage Host Access Server. There are clients for the IBM, TPF, ALCS, and UNISYS systems commonly used in airline and travel industries, as well as those for IBM 3270 mainframe, AS/400(R), and UNIX/VMS(R)

systems. They provide an easy, cost-effective way to web-enable enterprise applications for remote and occasional users. These small footprint Viewers download quickly, dynamically establish host sessions, and can present either native or rejuvenated host application interfaces within supported web browsers.

Attachmate e-Vantage SDK - Enables programmers to develop custom, server-based web-to-host applications. The e-Vantage SDK consists of Java(R) and Microsoft(R) Component Object Model (COM) APIs that enable programmers to easily add host access capabilities to server-based custom applications, such as Microsoft Active Server Pages or Active Server Components. These APIs enable applications to interact directly with host systems. Programmers can also use the SDK to build functional, fully integrated web applications.

Attachmate e-Vantage Gateways - Attachmate provides a wide range of connectivity options, enabling direct client-to-mainframe connections as well as connections via gateways when legacy protocols are still in use in the environment. Supported direct transports include UDP, MATIP, Apollo(R) ATATCP2915, UNISYS INT1, and TN3270e. The Gateways include Lanyon, UNISYS, and SNA.

Attachmate e-Vantage Printing Services - The printing services include the Attachmate INFOConnect(TM) Print and Transaction Router (PTR) and the Attachmate e-Vantage HostPrint Server. PTR is a flexible print delivery application designed for airline multi-device networks that complements INFOConnect ALC Terminal Emulator. PTR not only supports shared printers and host devices, it also supports intelligent peripherals such as credit card readers, specialized printers used for ticket generation, and point of sale terminals used to print receipts. Bi-directional print messaging and printer support ensures reliable print delivery - critical for multi-host, multi-peripheral airline environments.

Attachmate e-Vantage Resource Server - Use to centrally manage and automate the process of assigning terminal IDs to each user. This eliminates the need to spend hours manually configuring terminal IDs for each user and determining which IDs are available. e-Vantage Resource Server also has address pooling, which enables a population of e-Vantage clients to share a limited number of terminal IDs. Sharing IDs saves money when host access is paid for by the terminal session, and can further save in administrative costs - fewer IDs means easier administration. e-Vantage Resource Server also helps manage the allocation of terminal IDs to users. Terminal ID licensing and inactivity timeouts speed up ID recovery and recycling, replenish ID resources, and help keep addresses available for maximum efficiency.

Attachmate e-Vantage WebPublish - Gives UNISYS and IBM sites the ability to selectively present host application screens and fields in HTML for viewing from a web browser. Now, organizations can quickly and securely provide web access to host publications without changing and host application code. e-Vantage WebPublish(TM) automatically converts selected terminal screens and fields to HTML so users can easily access host information with a graphical browser environment. They can even submit information for processing by a host application for storage in a host database. e-Vantage WebPublish increases the value of existing legacy applications, provides secure host access, and allows for screen enhancement and augmentation.

About Attachmate (

Attachmate Corporation accelerates business advantage by extending the reach of enterprise information. The company's e-Vantage products provide access to mainframes, AS/400, VAX(R), and UNIX(R) systems with centrally managed Java, ActiveX(R), HTML, and Windows(R) clients or with custom e-business applications. For 18 years, Attachmate has solved business problems for 12 million users worldwide. With 80 offices in 30 countries, Attachmate's global infrastructure provides products, consulting services, support, and strategic partnerships worldwide. Attachmate was named 1999's Best Large Company to Work For in Washington by Washington CEO Magazine. For more information about Attachmate solutions, contact Attachmate's Airline Industries Group at 44 118-912-4350.

For more information, call 425/649-6490.
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