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 BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Attachmate(R) Corp. today announced the acquisition of KEA(TM) Systems Ltd. for an undisclosed amount. Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., KEA Systems Ltd. is a privately held, 45-person software development firm founded in 1975. KEA supplies connectivity solutions on a worldwide basis to a variety of customers including government and large enterprises. KEA markets complete connectivity solutions with VT emulation products for DOS, Windows and Windows NT. KEA also offers several other network product connectivity options. The acquisition was finalized on Dec. 31, 1993.
 "I'm thrilled about Attachmate and KEA Systems Ltd., getting together. Our past reliance on EXTRA! and future need for a TCP/IP solution makes the Attachmate acquisition of KEA an added bonus for us. Mixed platform needs being satisfied by a single vendor and common support program is becoming a necessity in many large shops today," said Greg Schroeder, Research & Development for US West Cellular.
 About KEA Systems Ltd., Flagship Products
 KEAterm(TM) 420 and 340 deliver the power of Windows and Windows NT to DEC's VAX computers and UNIX host applications. TCP/IP Windows Sockets allows KEAterm to interface with any TCP/IP stack that supports Microsoft's new Telnet socket standard, giving users more freedom of choice in choosing a TCP/IP stack for their PC. ZSTEM 340 and 320 products provide cost-effective access to VAX and UNIX host applications via VT emulation for DOS. Both product lines allow
easy and intuitive access to multiple host applications from the PC. For European users,

KEAterm 340 features an international flavor which allows users to switch the menus between English, French and German text. Critical parts of the Users Guide are also written in all three languages.
 KEAterm 420 was nominated for Digital News & Review's 1994 Target Awards in the category of "Desktop Internetworking." KEAterm 420 also received the DEC User Award for Desktop Connectivity Product of the Year Award in 1992 in the United Kingdom.
 "Corporations are looking to simplify and consolidate their host connectivity needs. Attachmate's acquisition of KEA Systems Ltd. will bring users a step closer to one-stop shopping for their host-communications product needs," said Matthew Cain, program director, workgroup strategies for the META Group.
 Sales and Distribution
 KEA Systems Ltd. sales in 1993 were 12.6 million (Canadian). KEA Systems Ltd. distribution channels consist of international resellers providing approximately 35% of their total sales. In the United States, a network of resellers account for 50% of total sales, and 15% of sales are achieved in Canada. Due to the high name recognition of KEA Systems Ltd., Attachmate will continue to market KEA's existing product lines through their current distribution channels. In addition, Attachmate will provide a VT emulation version which has the same look and feel of the EXTRA! product family. The current KEA resellers in the United States will compliment the existing Attachmate channel structure made up of "Premier" resellers. The KEA product line will also take full advantage of Attachmate's worldwide direct sales force.
 ZSTEM and KEAterm products are currently available on the GSA schedule. ZSTEM 240 is available from AT&T to the Untied States Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, DLA, DOD and authorized agencies on SMSCRC.
 The current KEA headquarters in Vancouver, B.C., will become Attachmate, Canada. Employees of KEA Systems Ltd. will become part of the Attachmate team.
 "With the acquisition of KEA Systems Ltd., Attachmate Corp. now has one of the most diverse desktop-to-host client software offerings in the industry for Windows, Windows NT, DOS, OS/2 and Macintosh, providing connectivity solutions to IBM mainframe, IBM AS/400, DEC VAX and UNIX-based host computers. This gives large enterprises a single-source solution for their connectivity needs," said Barry Horn, executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Attachmate.
 About Attachmate
 Attachmate is a leading supplier of desktop-to-host connectivity products. Its flagship product line EXTRA! provides 3270 and AS/400 host access and advanced programming interfaces for client-host applications, and has sold over one million copies. During 1993, Attachmate created strategic alliance partnerships with Novell, Lotus, Microsoft and Powersoft Corp. Attachmate also acquired Distributed Data Processing (DDP), a privately held mainframe software distributor with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Attachmate is continuing to expand its line of connectivity solutions, all of which are designed to meet the specific needs of large enterprises. The company is privately held. Attachmate Corp., 3617 131st Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98006. Phone: 206-644-4010.
 NOTE: AS/400, OS/2 and IBM are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corp. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Novell is a registered trademark of Novell Inc., and Lotus is a registered trademark of Lotus Corp.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Screen shots of KEA Systems Ltd. VT emulation products are available by contacting Dennis Sullivan at the number below. Provide at least two days notice in advance of your deadline to receive them.
 Nancy Meachim, senior analyst, PC Connectivity for IDC (International Data Corp.) is available for inquiries regarding the KEA acquisition. She may be reached by phone at 508-935-4636. Matthew Cain, program director, workgroup computing strategies for the META Group, is also available for comment. He may be reached at 203-226-6382./
 /CONTACT: Dennis Sullivan, director, Public Relations of Attachmate, 206-649-6551/

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