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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Atmel Corp. (NASDAQ: ATML) announced today the addition of three new memory devices to its smart card integrated circuit (IC) family.
 The AT88SC06 and the AT88SC101/102 are designed to serve the expanding smart card marketplace. The new-product announcement was made at the Smart Card '93 conference now underway in the United Kingdom.
 Atmel manufactures the integrated circuits used in smart cards, electronic keys, identification devices and other portable products where security features are required. The three new circuits join other smart card ICs introduced by the company last November.
 The smart card circuits previously introduced by Atmel include 2- and 3-wire serial-interface electrically erasable programmable read- only memories (EEPROMs) and a 2K EEPROM with an on-board gate array. The company also announced an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design capability for contactless card and identification tag applications. These RF/ID devices combine EEPROM cells with digital logic and analog circuitry on a single integrated circuit.
 The AT88SC06 is a 104-bit serial-interface EEPROM targeted to the manufacturers of telephone, debit or other pre-payment cards. The device is pin-compatible with Siemens' 4406 device. This circuit is organized into 13 individual eight-bit words and has the ability to count up to 20,480 units of time or value. This device also has a transport security code to ensure safe delivery between Atmel and the card issuer. The issuer has eight opportunities to enter the correct transport code, after which time the device will become permanently disabled.
 AT88SC06 samples are available immediately with production units 10 weeks after receipt of an order.
 The AT88SC101 features a 1024-bit memory area for storing data, while the AT88SC102 features two 512-bit memory areas designed to accommodate two separate applications. Both devices have a 16-bit security password that must be presented by the card issuer to access the memory and personalize the device as well as the 32- and 48-bit erase keys for each memory area that allow the issuer to change the data stored in the memory areas.
 This device pair is used for personal databases, text and factory automation, health care and other applications where passwords or keys are required for security.
 The AT88SC101/102 supports the ISO/IEC 7816-3 synchronous protocol of the International Standards Organization. Samples are immediately available with production orders delivered 10 weeks after receipt of an order.
 Atmel's smart card integrated circuits are specified to 100,000 write/erase cycles and 100 years of data retention. Endurance of up to one million write cycles has been demonstrated. This level of reliability results in fewer field failures and improved performance for card manufactures and system integrators.
 "Atmel's leadership position in nonvolatile memories, combine with our ASIC experience, allows the company to offer such a wide range of smart card IC products," explained Jean Pierre Benhammou, the group's international marketing manager.
 Headquartered in San Jose, with additional manufacturing facilities in Colorado Springs, Colo., Atmel designs, develops, manufactures and markets, on a worldwide basis, a broad line of complex integrated circuits. In addition to smart card ICs and several families of nonvolatile programmable memories, the company manufactures programmable logic devices, application-specific devices and various mixed signal circuits.
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 /CONTACT: Francesca Venzia-Escamilla of Atmel, 408-436-4243; or Ken Dennard, 415-296-7383, or Miriam Adler, 212-986-5900, both of Morgen-Walke, for Atmel/

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