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Low-priced chip uses SGRAM to deliver unmatched price/performance
 for mainstream PCs

TORONTO, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- ATI Technologies Inc. (Toronto: ATY), a world leader in graphics/video accelerator solutions, today announced the 264VT2, its second generation 64-bit graphics/video accelerator providing significant performance and feature improvements. The chip incorporates ATI's award-winning mach64 2D graphics acceleration and full screen, full motion TV-quality video playback.

The new 264VT2 builds on ATI's leadership in deploying SGRAM-based graphics solutions first introduced with its popular 264VT -- the world's first accelerator to offer SGRAM support. By using SGRAM memory with the 264VT2, computer hardware OEMs can obtain 33 Million WinMarks under WinBench 96. Equipped with 1MB of SGRAM, the 264VT2 establishes a new value milestone by outperforming competitive 2MB EDO solutions by 15-20%.

"ATI has combined TV quality video and its well known 2D performance into a cost-effective accelerator chip. The 264VT2 is also one of the first to take advantage of SGRAM" said Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Associates, a leading market research firm in Tiburon, California. "This should make the 264VT2 a compelling choice for PC hardware OEMs."

The SGRAM story

In order to meet volume price points, the majority of today's PCs are shipped with only 1MB of EDO graphics memory. However, graphics performance is significantly hindered with this memory configuration because the 64-bit graphics accelerator is accessing memory through a 32-bit wide memory bus. One way of overcoming this limitation is to increase the graphics memory to 2MB which widens the memory bus to 64- bits. Because SGRAM provides more than double the bandwidth of EDO, PC manufacturers are able to outperform 2MB EDO solutions using only 1MB of SGRAM.

With SGRAM production widely available now and with increased capacity at the end of '96 coming from eight of the world's leading memory manufacturers, SGRAM is poised to succeed EDO as the next major standard for graphics memory. "As SDRAMs and SGRAMs move into the mainstream market, the price becomes competitive with EDO DRAMs," says Jim Sogas, DRAM marketing manager for the Semiconductor & I.C. Division of Hitachi America, Ltd. "PC vendors recognize the compelling price:performance advantages of synchronous memories for graphics, and they are currently introducing SGRAM into their performance machines. We expect that SGRAM will have staked a claim on a large percentage of the mainstream PC graphics market by the first half of 1997."

TV-Quality MPEG Video

Designed as a video processor, the 264VT2 displays full screen, full motion TV-quality video, such as MPEG and Video CD 2.0 movie disks, on computers without the need for costly video decoder chips. Expanding on the standard industry back-end video scaler and color space converter functionality, the 264VT2 includes two unique video enhancements, smooth scaling and planar data conversion.

To achieve TV-quality video images, the 264VT2 employs a multi-tap video scaler with a line buffer architecture that interpolates in both the horizontal and vertical directions, resulting in more natural and appealing motion video. This feature is in line with Microsoft's PC '97 initiative, which proposes to make this functionality a requirement for Windows certification.

Superior MPEG Acceleration

Most video display components can accelerate only two of the four functions required to produce MPEG video, leaving the taxing task of MPEG decode and "planar data conversion" to the processor. The 264VT2 frees the CPU from the planar to packed data conversion process, allowing Pentium systems to play full 30fps video while providing high quality, 44KHz stereo audio. Other accelerators require the fastest Pentiums in order to hit 30fps and are limited to mono audio at 22KHz.

Other Features

Other features of the 264VT2 include:

* PCI 2.1 bus and full Plug 'n Play support

* Resolutions up to 1280x1024 with support up to 16.7 million colors

* Supports 1, 2 and 4MB memory sizes with FP/EDO DRAM, SDRAM or


* ATI Multimedia Channel for options like TV-tuner and video

conferencing upgrade modules

Pricing and Availability

The ATI-264VT2 is sampling now and volume production begins in June. The price for the 264VT2 is $25 for quantities of 10,000.

About ATI

ATI Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets innovative and award-winning multimedia acceleration solutions and graphics components for personal computers. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of video and 2D/3D graphics accelerator products to OEM and retail customers. Founded in 1985, ATI employs about 700 people at headquarters in Thornhill, Ontario, and offices in the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom. The company is ranked among Canada's largest technology firms with fiscal 1995 revenues of $360 million. ATI Technologies is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. More information on ATI and its products can be obtained at its website or by calling 905-882-2600.

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