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SANTA CLARA, Calif., and TORONTO, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- ATI Technologies Inc. (Toronto: ATY) today announced its 3D RAGE graphics accelerator chip is available in commercial quantities. The announcement comes as the company continues to work with industry partners, distributors and retailers to bring video-game quality 3D graphics to millions of home personal computer users worldwide.

ATI's 3D RAGE is an accelerator chip that combines rich 3D features with all of the capabilities of ATI's award-winning "mach64" 2D accelerators, along with full-screen, full-motion MPEG video playback. The ATI 3D RAGE chip frees the central processing unit from handling the complicated graphics required for 3D. Commercial production of the 3D RAGE chip began this month.

ATI's 3D RAGE accelerates perspectively correct texture mapping; texture filtering and lighting; source and destination alpha blending; and Gouraud shading and flat shading.

Along with PC games, it is anticipated that 3D will be used for many other PC applications, such as powerful presentations, graphics design, 3D Web browsers, 3D user interfaces and virtual reality simulations.

In the 3D acceleration market, OEM's are building home PCs for users who are not only demanding great 2D, 3D and video acceleration, but who also want proven, feature-rich drivers and utilities. In addition, OEM system manufacturers are selling into a multiple niche market where TV- tuners, hardware MPEG and videoconferencing are in demand.

ATI has an advantage over other new entrants who have appeared in this market. ATI's 3D RAGE accelerator products provide all of the required functionality while ensuring pin compatibility with current and future "mach64" multimedia accelerators and options. ATI also provides local language support which enables OEMs to readily address international markets.

"The ATI 3D RAGE chip and 3D XPRESSION graphics accelerator board are the best and most cost-effective graphics enhancement products available in their category for the personal computer marketplace," added Henry Quan, ATI's Vice President of Marketing. "3D RAGE is the ideal game platform, delivering fast performance for 3D graphics, 2D, and full-motion video for DOS and Windows environments. It gives players TV quality video without expensive MPEG hardware."

In a related announcement today, ATI stated that IBM will integrate 3D RAGE accelerator products in new models of the IBM Aptiva home personal computers out this spring. ATI is also in discussions with other PC manufacturers, for the sale of millions of 3D RAGE chips.

"IBM's adoption of the ATI chip is a clear signal of a trend we have forecast for the 3D market," said Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Associates, a leading market research firm in Tiburon, California. "The quick adoption of system builders to put 3D controllers on the motherboard illustrates how pervasive 3D will be in the mass market. We believe that by 1997, almost all computers will be 3D enabled."

ATI is also making it easy for games developers to take advantage of the 3D RAGE chip to create visually stunning games on PCs by ensuring that the 3D RAGE developers kit supports all major Application Programming Interfaces (API). ATI anticipates that as IBM and other PC manufacturers incorporate 3D RAGE technology for mass market products, developers will accelerate the creation of games for the PC platform.

Priced at $48 (in quantities of 10,000), samples of the ATI 3D RAGE chip are available now. ATI 3D RAGE is the first chip of its kind to enable systems manufacturers to provide high performance 2D/3D/video for arcade-caliber gaming for a minimal increase in the cost of the overall system.

About ATI

ATI Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets innovative and award-winning multimedia acceleration solutions and graphics components for personal computers. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of video and 2D/3D graphics accelerator products to OEM and retail customers. Founded in 1985, ATI employs about 700 people at headquarters in Thornhill, Ontario, and offices in the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom. The company is ranked among Canada's largest technology firms with fiscal 1995 revenues of $360 million. ATI Technologies is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. More information on ATI and its products can be obtained at its website or by calling 905-882-2600.

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