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ATI Announces the ALL-IN-WONDER(TM) 128 PRO Combination TV-Tuner and Video/Graphics Multimedia Board.

The world's best PC to TV features and the world's fastest graphics

- RAGE(TM) 128 PRO chip provides performance matching any mainstream


- 32MB of dedicated memory and 32-bit color enhances the 3D experience

- Digital VCR, video capture capabilities provide the ultimate

multimedia tools

- Features the world's best DVD solution

TORONTO, Nov. 8 /CNW-PRN/ - ATI technologies Inc. (TSE:ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) today announced the ALL-IN-WONDER(TM) 128 PRO, bringing together ATI's unique TV tuning features and the RAGE(TM) 128 Pro graphics chip with industry-leading graphics features and performance on a single board. The newest member of ATI's ALL-IN-WONDER family of TV-tuning and video/graphics boards, the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is the ideal add-in board for home and office end users as well as PC Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO offers the world's best 2D, 3D and video acceleration, advanced TV tuning features, hardware DVD support, digital VCR capabilities, video compression technology and video capture capabilities.

"The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO provides everything the home/office user and gamer is looking for in a multimedia card," said Jewelle Schiedel-Webb, director of ATI's visual products group. "Top performance, all the design features, TV tuning that will change the way you use TV and leading internet functionality in the price range of a single-purpose mainstream board."

Through the raw power of the RAGE 128 Pro chip, ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is 40 per cent faster in 2D, 3D and video acceleration than the previous generation product, offering the best overall performance for all of today's popular games and applications.

"ATI brings incredible power and flexibility at a tremendous value to the home and small business user with the new ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO board," said Michael Downs, director of product development and OEM sales, Ulead Systems, Inc. "For consumer video capture, editing and output, this board delivers it all. High quality, great speed and seamless integration of MPEG-2 all bring the best performance at a price to please anyone."

32MB of memory and 32-bpp true color

The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is equipped with 32MB of memory, allowing it to handle the most texture-laden games and rendering tasks. It features 32 bpp true color capability, making it ideal for performance gaming and high end 3D CAD, animation and video applications. Through optimizations, the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO ensures that 32bpp color acceleration comes with almost no performance penalty when opting for higher color depths.

Ready for AGP 4X, backwards compatible to AGP 2X to prevent obsolescence

Ready for the next generation of AGP 4X systems, the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO provides full AGP 4X support, permitting the full benefit of the new AGP 4X specification. This further enhances the top of the line performance of the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO for 3D games and real-time rendering. For protection against obsolescence, the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is backward compatible to support AGP 2X and can easily be switched to a 4X system when they become available.

AGP significantly increases the amount of textures that can be displayed on the screen because it enables the use of main system memory for 3D instead of the limited memory of a graphics controller. The result is unheard-of levels of textures, leading to the richest and most exciting 3D presentations, spreadsheets, detailed 3D Web content, data visualization and professionally-designed images.

Industry-leading DVD hardware and software support

The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO offers hardware DVD, with integrated iDCT and Motion Compensation, accomplishing highest quality DVD decode with an absolute minimum of CPU usage. Four-tap video scalers enable DVD playback at near perfect visual quality. The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is the ideal solution for running interactive DVD applications and watching DVD movies.

Through the ATI Multimedia Center(TM) software, the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO offers the highest quality and most complete DVD decoding technology available today, providing DVD playback with full-frame, full-screen DVD video for a true multimedia experience on your PC or attached television in the home theater.

The ATI Multimedia Center's real-time encoding capability makes the most of Intel's Pentium(C) III SSE instruction set, allowing the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO to set a new standard in MPEG-2 video capture and video compression. The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is also an excellent match as well for the AMD Althlon(R) K7 processor and its new instruction set.

The ATI-Multimedia Center has received certification from Dolby Laboratories and through ATI's RAGE Theater encode/decode chip, supports Macrovision 7 copy protection for legal display of protected DVD content. Both are required for full implementation of DVD systems that connect to TV sets. The ATI Multimedia Center is Microsoft certified for Windows 95 and Windows 98, with a new version fully supporting Windows 2000 when available. In addition, support for 6 region codes and 19 languages is provided.

Best video-in signal enhancement and highest quality TV display with the

new RAGE Theater integrated decode/encode chip

The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO uses ATI's RAGE Theater(TM), the only single-chip solution for both video input and output on the PC. A companion chip to the RAGE 128 chip family, RAGE Theater's video input features include automatic gain control, signal noise distortion reduction and continuous sharpness control. TV-out encoding features include a text sharpening filter. The result is the highest quality, flicker-free and fully scaleable images on the TV, regardless of the input format: cable, satellite, VCR or even an amplified antenna.

ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO users will be able to enjoy the benefits of large screen viewing on their TV, and even using a TV as a second monitor, as the result of vastly improved text display technology.

High resolutions, support for DirectX and OpenGL for the best in gaming

New features of the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO include an eight million triangle/sec set up engine for dramatically improved performance and a 300MHZ DAC for higher display resolutions. 3D game play will be enhanced through the acceleration of OpenGL, as well as DirectX. The result is full acceleration and top speeds for intense DX and OpenGL games and design software titles.

Maximize the Windows 98 experience

The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO provides full support for Windows 98(R). Included is support for Windows 98's multiple monitor feature when the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is the primary adapter and OnNow Technology, where the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is fully compatible with the Windows 98 Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) features.

The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO also allows the end user to enjoy the full benefits of today's leading video and internet software. It is the only card on the market that fully supports such titles as VideoWave, VideoStudio, CuSeeMe, VDOPhone, NetMeeting, RealProducer, WaveTop, JamCast and WebTV.

The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is the perfect upgrade for end users looking to increase the power and features of their older systems. For system builders the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is the ideal accelerator for everything from mainstream systems to performance PCs. With its multitude of features and performance the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO allows system builders to cost-effectively differentiate their systems from their competitors.


ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO is ideal for newer AGP systems while the ALL-IN- WONDER 128 is perfectly suited for upgrading PCI systems that do not have an AGP expansion slot.

New ATI Multimedia Center application software provides more multimedia,

video and TV tuning features than any competing product

Through the ATI Multimedia Center ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO delivers more enhanced TV on PC features than any competing product on the market. Such features as closed captioning capture, video capture, instant replay and even Digital VCR are included.

TV Magazine - Transcripts with images saved to file for later reading

ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO's still and motion video capture and closed caption capture capabilities have been combined to produce a TV Magazine feature, where closed captioning transcripts, along with periodic images from the screen can be saved to file to produce a printed, magazine-format version of the television broadcast.

Hot Words feature lets the PC monitor TV for desired programming

Using the closed captioning stream, the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO can monitor TV for desired programs and content. When the content is broadcast and a pre-programmed Hot Word is detected, ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO notifies the user the program is on.

Scheduled Viewing, Channel Surf, Zoom and Video Desktop round out the


Rounding out the TV tuner features is Scheduled Viewing, where the PC turns on the TV for designated programming; Channel Surf, which provides dozens of thumbnail previews in windows on the screen; a powerful zoom function; and the ability to use live TV programming as video wall paper. The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO also supports North America's DBX(TM) stereo TV audio with hardware detection and software notification that the channel is in stereo.

Instant replay puts the viewer in control

The ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO's video capture technology is also at the heart of the instant replay function. At any time while viewing a program, the previous two second to 2 minutes (depending on system memory size) can be replayed instantly, giving the viewer a capability once the exclusive domain of the program producer. Instant replay lets the viewer shift back in time during their TV shows.

Real-time Video Compression and Digital VCR

ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO includes ATI's Digital VCR functionality, where a PC can be programmed to record favorite TV shows just like a conventional VCR. Digital VCR leverages the ability of modern CPUs to compress video on-the-fly, as it's viewed, rendering dedicated hardware for video compression and decompression obsolete. Also, digitized video from camcorders or VHS tape can be affordably saved to today's recordable CDs and recordable DVD-RAM.

Price and Availability

ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO will be available December, 1999 at retail at an Estimated Street Price (ESP) of $299. Bundled with the ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO will be Ulead's VideoStudio, Digital Immersion's Merlin VR, Electronic Arts' Need For Speed - High Stakes and Activision's Heavy Gear II. The 32 MB SDRAM ALL-IN-WONDER 128 is available at retail at an ESP of $279.

Corporate Profile

ATI Technologies Inc., the world's largest supplier of 3D graphics and multimedia technology, designs, manufactures and markets innovative and award-winning multimedia solutions and graphics components for the personal computer, set-top box and consumer electronics appliance markets. An ISO 9002 company, ATI is the world's leading supplier of video and 2D/3D graphics accelerators to OEM and retail customers. Founded in l985, ATI employs more than 1,800 people at headquarters in Thornhill, Ontario, and in offices in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Barbados, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. ATI is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

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