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AT Home WITH Curtis Kelly social media cleaning sensation.

Tell us about where you live? I live in a semi-detached standard 3 bedroom house, I live with my mum, stepdad and younger brother! We have lived in this same house from I was six months old so that means we have been here for just over 20 years and the house has came on leaps and bounds throughout that time.

What is the best thing about your home?

So many things firstly, I think the fact we have lived here from I was born is a big thing for me! I love the whole layout and design of our home, we done a massive renovation 6 years ago which involved pulling out the the kitchen, knocking the wall between the kitchen and the entrance hall down to open up the room while also redoing basically every room in the house and now our home is just sitting exactly how we want it! Although mum is talking about redecorating and all I can think about is the mess that comes along with it, My favourite room in the house would have living room for the reason that it's decorated so beautifully, I think nowadays people are very into the neutral colours (greys, whites) which is gorgeous my whole room is silver and white! Although I have to say I also love a pop of colour, so the purple in our living room just makes the room feel so homely and warm. Perfect for watching the soaps under a fluffy blanket!

Are you very particular about how you keep your house?

YES! I definitely have a very particular style and method in all aspects of our home! Everything just has to sit a certain way, cushions have to be karate chopped, sofas have to be sprayed, candle wicks have to be trimmed and wax melts always have to be on! My wax melts I use come from Avamay aromas and oh my goodness they fill my whole home with such a beautiful smell. I love walking into a room in the house and just smelling it, I change my wax melts every 5 days and the house is always smelling so fresh!

Who does the cleaning?

I would say between myself, my mum and my stepdad we all pitch in and do certain jobs for example, I do most of the cleaning daily, I do my little "30 minute freshens" each day to keep the house smelling and looking fresh then a deep clean once a week! I love sharing my little cleaning tips and hacks! They make cleaning so much easier and simple things can make such an overall difference! There are certain aspects of the house that I just don't get involved with such as emptying the compost bins, ironing etc. These jobs are left up to my mum or stepdad! I have no problem cleaning the compost bin after it's emptied but emptying it is a whole different ball game so therefore stepdad does that. Things like ironing mum does because she's very particular and she can do it best so it's all a team effort in our house and it pays off! If everyone does little things in the house it doesn't seem so overwhelming, as I say, "A family that cleans together, stays together" How often do you change your sheets? All of our bedsheets get changed at least once every week, this is because your bedsheets harbour so many germs after certain amounts of time so it's always good to give these a wash to keep them fresh and clean! I also everyday before making the beds pull back the quilt and let the bed air for 10 minutes then I like to go around all the bedrooms and give my fabric softener mix which smelling fresh which is always myself just lying in bed sniffing smell so good!

them each a spray with mhelps to keep the sheets sgood! Sometimes I find mmy sheets because they much music or are you a telly person? Do you listen to muc in the background p I'm actually currenCorrie loving my pure when cleaning the hoI dance aroun and I just so imp take ob mc currently sat on the sofa watching life! I'd say I love doing both, house I always turn on music, around the house with my duster have so much fun! Music is important because it can just you to another world, obviously people don't get as much enjoyment out of cleaning as I do so I find music definitely helps to motivate you and get things started! Just sing, dance and have fun! Watching tv is something I've always done, I actually have a t-shirt saying that the remote control belongs to me which can I just say, is true! I love coming in after work or sitting down after de yo Ju Wa mt w l i d tti d cleaning and getting under a massive fluffy blanket and watching the soaps with my mum! We both have our own designated seats on the sofa and everyone knows not to sit on them whilst the soaps are on! It's always important to have chill time with family!

Where is your haven in the house? I'd have to say bedroom 110%, I got my room decorated when I turned 18 and I chose EVERYTHING! It's completely my taste, my ideas and my own little sanctuary I just love it. I really look forward to going into my room, getting into my cosies and lying in bed with a hot chocolate and a movie on Netflix. There's literally no better feeling! I think knowing that you've worked so hard on a certain area makes it feel so special and that's how it feels for my room! It's been done now for a little over two years and I still haven't grew tired or bored of it which is very unusual of me because usually that happens quite quickly! Candles lit and under the covers in my bedroom reading the new book "Hinch yourself happy" by the gorgeous Mrs. Hinch is just pure bliss.

If your partying at home where do you usually hang out? If we ever have a party in our house we find everyone usually congregates in the kitchen or living room which waking up the next day and seeing the footprints on our high gloss black kitchen floor is a bit of a nightmare but it gives me an excuse to clean so secretly I'm loving my life! My stepdad is currently working on his newest project on our outside shed which he's turning into a bar/man cave so that will all be revealed on my Instagram hopefully in a couple of months which I'm so excited about, it'll be fun in the summer to have friends and family round to see and enjoy the bar! We have so many ideas and I just love how our wee home is progressing!!

Are you much of a foodie and if so what is your signature dish? Well I definitely enjoy eating, that's a given! I do love one thing in particular and that is PASTA! My mum always jokes by saying that when I get my own home all I'll live on is pasta but that's fine by me! Any Italian dish really I just love, I've been loving recently a dish I first found in a local restaurant (hickory's newtownards) which is pasta, steak pieces all smothered in a creamy chilli sauce! It's unreal! I'm also all into a good Sunday roast, chicken, silverside I just love! My mum and stepdad have to be the culinary masterminds in our house, they both make the most delicious dinners!

Can you turn your hand to DIY or do you get someone else in? Could you imagine me with a hammer and nails? No I definitely stay far away from the DIY side of things, as I said my stepdad is in the process of making a bar in the outside shed so he would really enjoy doing little DIY activities and it pays off because some of the stuff is so cool! I do however love getting involved and doing up-cycling of old items and finding little things that I can paint and decorate.
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Date:Apr 24, 2019
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