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AT&T Wireless takes high-speed network from coast to coast.

AT&T Wireless has deployed its EDGE network across the U.S. and some spots in Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Canada--in 6,500 cities and reaching 215 million people. EDGE, or Enhanced Data GSM Environment, is built on existing GSM/GPRS networks, using the same time-division multiple access (TDMA) frame structure. However, it gives users data rates of 100-130bps, compared to GSM/GPRS speeds of 10-50Kpbs.

AT&T Wireless customers will need new equipment to take advantage of the faster speeds. The first handset is the Nokia 6200 EDGE phone. More EDGE phones are coming, including Motorola T725 and Nokia 3200. Users can also get a Sony Ericsson GC-82 modem card to connect laptops. For users traveling outside the EDGE coverage area, the EDGE phone and modem operate at regular GSM/GPRS speeds.

For business users, EDGE gives AT&T Wireless a huge edge over the other U.S. GSM/GPRS carriers, T-Mobile and Cingular. No word on how these two plan to compete when it comes to high-speed access.
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