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 LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T has significantly enhanced and simplified its international calling services, offering consumers more savings at more times to more countries than any other major long distance company.
 The enhancements apply to AT&T Reach Out(R) World Savings and AT&T USADirect(R) service, the company said.
 "The major improvements we are announcing today underscore AT&T's absolute commitment to give consumers the best value in long distance," said Shaun Gilmore, AT&T vice president for global communications services.
 Currently offering special discounts on calls to 53 countries and areas, AT&T Reach Out World Savings has been expanded to include all of the more than 250 countries and areas to which AT&T provides direct- dialed international long distance service, including El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.
 For $3 a month, Reach Out World Savings subscribers will be able to save, on average, 20 percent or more on AT&T's basic residential prices when they call countries during off-peak hours -- all day Saturday and Sunday, and depending on the country called, up to 18 hours a day from Monday through Friday.
 They will also experience significantly simplified pricing. They will pay only one of two rates, peak or off-peak, in contrast to the five possibilities they now face.
 Subscribers can pre-designate one international country and receive an additional discount of 15 percent, bringing their total savings to as much as 35 percent off AT&T's basic residential price during off-peak hours. For a period of 60 days beginning Dec. 1, AT&T plans to give subscribers the additional 15 percent discount on direct-dialed international calls they make to all countries in the world.
 "Unlike other companies, AT&T does not restrict consumers to one or two international telephone numbers to realize savings. With Reach Out World Savings, they can call anyone at any number in the special country they pre-designate and save up to 35 percent," Gilmore said.
 Subscribers who use AT&T Calling Cards to make international calls from the United States will get a 5 percent discount, and an additional 15 percent if they call their pre-selected country.
 Reach Out World Savings subscribers will get additional savings when they use AT&T USADirecto Service, which lets them call the United States from Nicaragua, Mexico, Columbia and the Dominican Republic, with the assistance of a Spanish-speaking AT&T operator.
 When someone places a collect call using USADirecto to a Reach Out World subscriber in the United States, the subscriber will get a $3.50 discount, which is 60 percent off the usual service charge.
 Reach Out World subscribers who place USADirect calls through an English-speaking operator, using an AT&T Calling Card, will get a 5 percent discount. They will receive an additional 15 percent -- a total of 20 percent -- if they call from their pre-selected country.
 For a period of 60 days, beginning Dec. 1, AT&T will give subscribers the additional 15 percent discount on calls from all countries where USADirect service is available.
 "AT&T has always made it easy for consumers to stay in touch with the special people in their lives. Now, it is even more economical for them to do so," Gilmore said.
 Consumers may call 800-521-WORLD for more information.
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