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 PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T (NYSE: T) today introduced

a new fax service tailored to the needs of the growing number of companies that are using fax machines to do business overseas.
 Small and growing businesses in the United States can now use the new AT&T FAXLine Service to fax messages to over 200 countries and locations of the world via AT&T's international direct-dial network. AT&T FAXLine Service has a price structure that favors short-duration calls of up to three minutes, so that they will almost always cost less than under AT&T's basic direct-dial, international rates.
 "A one-page fax message usually takes about 30 seconds to transmit," said Ray Butkus, AT&T's director of Business International Services. "Even a message of three full pages takes less than three minutes to send. The FAXLine Service takes advantage of the short-duration nature of fax calls and gives AT&T customers a price break," he said.
 Existing international long-distance services were priced primarily for voice telephone calls; they charge a higher rate for the first minute of each call and a lower rate for each subsequent minute or part of a minute. But most fax calls are only one or two minutes long.
 With the rate structure of the AT&T FAXLine Service, for each destination country or location, there is a flat per-minute rate which can be substantially lower than the first-minute rate under AT&T's Business International Long Distance Service. As a result, fax messages up to three minutes long will almost always cost less using the FAXLine Service.
 For instance, a fax message to France that can be transmitted within one minute costs $1.71 if sent during the business day using AT&T's basic international service. Using the FAXLine Service during the same time of day, a business would pay only $1.18, a 31 percent saving. The same message sent to Hong Kong under the same circumstances would result in a saving of 47 percent.
 Calls to Canada are priced in nine rate zones depending on distance, but are otherwise subject to the same rate structure. Calls to Mexico are priced in eight zones based on distance.
 According to Butkus, approximately 12.5 billion fax messages were sent in 1990 in the United States, including some 875 million to overseas locations. Butkus estimates the total fax volume will approach 22 billion by 1995.
 The AT&T FAXLine Service will be available beginning Aug. 17, 1992, when an FCC tariff is expected to become effective. The service has a $10 service establishment fee and it requires a $5 minimum monthly usage. The $10 fee will be waived for customers who order the service before Feb. 17, 1993, and have service installed by March 31, 1993.
 The FAXLine service could prove beneficial to businesses of all sizes, but is particularly appealing to smaller companies who regularly communicate by fax with overseas locations but do not have a large volume of calls. This is because the service requires a relatively low calling volume to justify its use.
 The same phone line used for the FAXLine Service can also be used to make local or interstate fax calls according to the appropriate service rates.
 "AT&T wants to make sure that small businesses benefit from our new service offerings," said Butkus. "In April, AT&T introduced a series of business long distance offerings called Partners in Business(SM) Services that are designed for small businesses, and we promised to deliver others. AT&T FAXLine Service is another step in that direction," he said.
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