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 DENVER, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Easy-to-remember calling card numbers like "COLORADO 2345" are available today, as AT&T (NYSE: T) introduced the first calling card that invites users to create their own card numbers, just as they can with personalized license plates on their cars.
 The AT&T Personal Choice(sm) Calling Card, available to residential and business customers alike, can be individualized with numbers such as "CALLMOM," "JULY41776," "5551234" or "GOSTATEU." Hundreds of millions of possible combinations exist.
 People who order the Personal Choice card will select seven to nine numbers and/or letters, plus a four-digit personal identification number (PIN). For added security, customers can have their cards printed without their PINs.
 The card, available today, is free. Regular residential and business calling-card charges apply, and subscribers' calls may be eligible for special savings programs available under AT&T's "i Plan" or corporate discount plans.
 "The Personal Choice Calling Card is an industry breakthrough," said Jack McMaster, AT&T product management director. "It makes calling-card use simpler and more convenient than it has ever been before.
 "For the first time, calling-card users can choose the letters or numbers that make the most sense to them -- their birthdays, their phone numbers or even their names," McMaster said. "No other calling card in the market is as flexible, as easy to remember or as personal."
 The card is an addition to AT&T's family of calling cards. Customers who choose the Personal Choice Calling Card can enjoy many of the same benefits currently available with other AT&T calling cards, including: calling to 250 countries and areas from the United States; calling from 125 countries and areas to the United States with AT&T USADirect(R) Service; calling between 67 countries with AT&T World Connect(sm) Service; and access to AT&T Message Service.
 The Personal Choice feature can also be combined with AT&T's Custom Calling feature and Corporate Custom Direct feature, which allow customers to predetermine specific phone numbers that can be called with the card.
 To use the Personal Calling Card, the caller dials 10+ATT+0, or 800-321-0ATT+0, from any telephone.
 The Personal Choice Calling Card complements the privacy offered by AT&T's existing calling cards, which employ randomly assigned digits. Nearly 40 million people carry these cards, which AT&T will continue to offer. AT&T offers different cards to meet the diverse needs of its customers.
 "AT&T is the only company that gives customers this much choice in creating their own card numbers or maintaining private numbers, based on their individual needs," McMaster said. "This is the essence of 'The i Plan.'"
 Residential customers can call for their own Personal Choice Calling Cards by calling 800-CALLATT; business customers should call 800-882-CARD.
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