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 SAN FRANCISCO, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T (NYSE: T) today

announced a new service for people on the move that offers a glimpse of where telephone service is headed -- and that's anywhere they are.
 AT&T EasyReach(SM) 700 Service will offer consumers nationwide, for the first time, a portable long-distance number that is theirs for life and a package of features that will let them choose which calls follow them and who pays for the calls.
 For $7 a month, consumers will receive a 700 number that remains theirs as long as they remain EasyReach 700 subscribers -- no matter where on the U.S. mainland they may travel or move. The average American now moves 11 times in a lifetime, creating a challenge for relatives, school chums, ex-neighbors and military service buddies attempting to keep up.
 EasyReach 700 Service will also give subscribers the advantage of selective call forwarding that can be programmed from any Touch-Tone(R) phone and the option to receive calls that are toll-free to the caller just like those to 800 numbers.
 The service differs from standard call forwarding offers in that subscribers will choose which calls follow them. Thus a traveler can give her 700 number to key individuals whose calls will follow her, while other calls to her home telephone number are relegated to an answering machine or go unanswered.
 Subscribers can even choose to have only some EasyReach 700 calls follow them by assigning four-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to certain callers and then instructing the service to forward only those calls.
 Those calls made with a PIN are paid for by the subscriber. Charges for those calls will be sorted by PIN on the monthly bill for easy tracking.
 The service is designed primarily for long-distance calling and subscribers are expected to retain a local telephone number. EasyReach 700 calls will be billed at fixed per-minute prices, regardless of distance. State-to-state rates will be 25 cents per minute from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 15 centes per minute at all other times. Prices for in-state calls will vary by state.
 "EasyReach 700 Service is an example of how AT&T's Worldwide Intelligent Network is getting even smarter," said Merrill Tutton, president of AT&T's consumer communications services unit, at a news conference today. "AT&T has long been committed to being the innovator in the telecommunications industry. Now, thanks to the technology of AT&T Bell Laboratories, the network will be able to find you no matter where you go on the U.S. mainland and send you only those calls you want to receive."
 The company said the service is particularly attractive to today's "maxi-mobiles," busy individuals who don't want to miss calls as they travel from office to hotel or from car phone to weekend getaway spot. However, the service is also said to appeal to families with children at college, grandparents with winter residences and people who simply hate to miss a call when away from home.
 Tutton cited convenience and choice as the service's primary benefits, adding that it is also flexible. Travelers can use it to call home even when their 700 service calls are forwarded to another phone. EasyReach 700 subscribers will even be able to select their own 700 numbers, such as 700-CALLTOM, if available. The one-time charge for a personalized number will be $25.
 In a filing with the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T said the service would be introduced June 15. Availability will depend on billing arrangements with local telephone companies and will vary around the country.
 For more information call 800-222-0300.
 -0- 4/28/92
 /CONTACT: Shirley Chan, 415-442-2219 (office), or 415-564-6077 (home); or Lezlie Bishop, 415-442-2256 (office), or 510-376-4133 (home), both of AT&T/
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Date:Apr 28, 1992

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