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 Product Will Let Customers Store Names,
 Numbers and Addresses of Callers

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T (NYSE: T) introduced today its first telephone that helps customers put all their contacts and personal reminders right at their fingertips.

The AT&T Two-Line Personal Information Center 882, with speakerphone and a large integrated display screen, allows customers to store up to 200 names and associated personal information, including telephone numbers, addresses, and birthdates. The names are automatically alphabetized in up to six separate directories for easy access, and all stored numbers can be auto-dialed from the display.

The six directories let customers separate and sort contacts. For example, if the AT&T Two-Line Personal Information Center 882 is being used by different people, each person can have his or her own directory. In addition, customers can keep work contacts in one file and personal contacts in another. The unit is equipped with a typewriter-style keyboard for customers to program their entries.

"Lots of people maintain separate address books and calendars to keep up with their busy schedules," said Brian MacKenzie, product manager, AT&T Consumer Products. "The 882 is a full-feature telephone set with style. It also contains a personal reminder feature, and puts it all together for you by combining that with the convenience of an electronic information directory."

At a press conference here at the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Carl Ledbetter, president, AT&T Consumer Products, demonstrated both the AT&T Two-Line Personal Information Center 882 and a new kind of device that displays telephone answering information and interactive services on a home television set. The latter, the AT&T TV Information Center, will be available in some parts of the country in the second quarter of 1995. It will sell for $329.

The AT&T Two-Line Personal Information Center 882 won the Innovations '95 Design & Engineering Honors Award from the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show.

The extensive memory of the 882 allows hundreds of names and numbers to be stored. Each contact record can hold up to four different numbers, so customers can easily store the home, work, fax or cellular numbers of individual business or personal contacts. Additional space is provided for notetaking or for adding personal information.

The 882 has a large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display screen that shows eight lines of text, with up to 24 characters per line. The screen also displays the time and date, up to 24 digits of a number being dialed, and the duration of a call.

A reminder directory in the 882 has three main features: the reminder recorder allows customers to program up to 50 active reminders. Each reminder can be set for one-time-only use or programmed to repeat either daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Reminders can be changed or deleted at any time.

The reminder alert gives customers visual and audible indicators for each day a reminder has been scheduled. The reminder is displayed on the screen, and the customer hears a beep to signal the start of an appointment, for example.

Last, the calendar feature allows customers to review scheduled reminders in any given month.

"The 882 is targeted at the small-office/home-office market, but it is really ideal for anyone who needs to get better organized," said MacKenzie. "Our goal was to create a product that makes the lives of our customers easier with the push of a few buttons. We're excited that the 882 is truly delivering on that goal."

The 882 also lets customers take full advantage of certain optional services that are offered for a fee by local telephone companies. The unit has Caller ID capability, which can display the caller's name and telephone number. The 882 Caller ID feature also has 64-number memory capability and supports call back, call trace and call reject features.

Another feature is a multi-functional message light that works with voice mail service from the customer's local telephone company. The message light also indicates new messages have been received or an incoming call is being blocked.

Customers can also take advantage of the benefits of having two telephone lines, including distinctive rings for each line; three-way call conferencing; ringing line auto-select, which allows customers to answer the ringing line without manually selecting it; and idle line auto-select, which lets customers make a call when the other line is in use, without manually selecting it.

The 882 will be available at the end of next month in AT&T Phone Center stores and select retail outlets for $199. For more information about this product, customers can call 1-800-222-3111.
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/CONTACT: Angela Cowan Ryan or David Bikle, AT&T Exhibit, Booth 445, CES; or Monty Hoyt, AT&T Consumer Products, 201-581-4067 (office) or 908-953-9172 (home)/


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