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 BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T (NYSE: T) today announced an innovative 800 Service feature that makes it easier for all callers, including the 39 percent of U.S. homes and businesses with rotary and non-touch-tone telephones, to obtain information from businesses by simply "speaking."
 Called AT&T 800 Speech Recognition, this new capability enables callers to verbally respond to announcements that allow them to automatically select the information or assistance they want.
 AT&T is the first long-distance company to provide voice-activated call routing in an 800 service network. Past technology only enabled callers using touch-tone telephones to direct their calls after responding to menu prompts with their keypads.
 "AT&T 800 Speech Recognition is a great advancement in 800 Service technology," said Shaun Gilmore, marketing vice president. "Until today, a large percentage of callers had to wait in queue for a representative to take their call. Now, these callers can route their own calls quickly and efficiently by simply speaking their choice.
 "For the first time, 800 number callers with rotary telephones will be able to enjoy the same benefits as callers with touch-tone phones."
 AT&T Speech Recognition is a network-based, advanced 800 Service innovation that prompts callers to speak a number -- from "one" to "nine" -- corresponding to a menu of options that identifies the department or location they wish to reach within the company they're calling.
 Supported by state-of-the-art technology from AT&T Bell Laboratories, AT&T Speech Recognition is able to recognize the spoken number, process the information, and route the call through the AT&T network to the appropriate destination.
 During field tests, AT&T Speech Recognition correctly identified the spoken number 97.8 percent of the time. This high completion rate is achieved even taking into account the many dialects and accents that exist across the United States.
 AT&T Speech Recognition represents the latest step in AT&T's drive to provide its customers with complete automated transaction processing. Eventually, the capability to recognize more advanced words and entire phrases will make it possible for AT&T 800 Service customers to process orders, dispatch repair crews, provide account information, or handle countless other functions in a fully automated, cost-effective way, if they so desire.
 A 1991 study by the Advanced Telecom Services Group, an independent market research firm in Wayne, Pa., found that 39 percent of the telephones in the U.S. are rotary.
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Date:Feb 25, 1993

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