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 NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T Smart Cards and NCR Corporation announced today the availability of upgrade kits for NCR automated teller machines (ATMs) and other self-service terminals that allow the machines to accept AT&T smart cards as well as conventional magnetic-stripe bank cards. New self-service terminals can also be ordered from NCR with this capability. In addition to ATMs, self- service terminals include other interactive systems that don't dispense cash.
 Once equipped with the enhanced card readers, a bank's ATM network can offer customers enhanced security and expanded services. The announcement was made at the Retail Delivery Systems Conference here today.
 The kits will allow existing ATMs to accept AT&T contactless smart cards, which look like credit cards but have microprocessor and memory chips laminated within their plastic shells. Developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories, their electronic memory can hold the equivalent of several pages of typewritten information.
 "The integration of smart card technology can transform the familiar ATM into a new kind of transaction station that offers more than just conventional banking functions," said Danny O'Brien, assistant vice president of NCR's Financial Products and Systems Division in Dundee, Scotland.
 "Smart ATM cards promise to change the way people bank," agrees Diane Wetherington, president of AT&T Smart Cards.
 "Smart ATMs might offer users customized menu options based on their account profile stored on their smart cards. This might even include offering them a connection to a financial institution not normally on the ATM network, such as a brokerage house where they have an account.
 "Electronic tickets for airline travel, sporting events, plays or concerts could be purchased at an ATM and loaded onto the smart card. The card would then be accessed at the airport, stadium, theater, or concert hall."
 "Another benefit of smart ATM cards is increased security," said O'Brien. "Smart cards are virtually impossible to forge, and the card can be programmed to shut itself down after a predetermined number of unsuccessful password attempts, even if the attempts are made at different teller machines or bank branches."
 "Smart cards can make banking easier for consumers in other ways, as well," adds Wetherington. "Since much of a customer's account information is stored on the card, he or she doesn't necessarily need to go to an ATM if all they want to do is check that information."
 Data in AT&T smart cards can be accessed using a personal computer, private phone, public phone, electronic kiosk or cash register, to name but a few of the options, she said.
 A single smart card can be used for multiple applications. For example, one cart could serve as an ATM card, a debit card for retail use and a telephone calling card. funds for each of these transactions can be transferred at any ATM from the customer's bank account to the debit portion of the card.
 The reader upgrade kits will be available to selected customers on a trial basis in the first quarter of 1994, and will become generally available later in the year. In a related announcement, AT&T disclosed that Chemical Bank of New York will be the first customer for the new products.
 "These new readers allow banks the flexibility of simultaneously supporting both the conventional magnetic-stripe cards and smart cards," said O'Brien. "This means upgraded ATMs can still accept mag-stripe cards from other banks, while the bank that owns the ATM can phase in smart cards with its customers.
 AT&T Smart Cards will provide turnkey software to each bank purchasing upgrade kits, as well as technical assistance in developing customized applications for the smart cards.
 NCR's Financial Products and Systems Division, based in Dundee, Scotland, is the world's leading supplier of ATMs. NCR, AT&T's computer company, brings computing and communications solutions together to provide people access to information and to each other, anytime and anywhere.
 AT&T Smart Cards, based in Somerset, N.J., is a leading supplier of contactless smart cards and applications.
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 /CONTACT: Michael Jacobs of AT&T Smart Cards, 908-582-4767, or home, 201-736-0939; or Chris Stellwag of NCR, 513-445-4178, or home, 513-439-2373/

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