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 SAN JOSE, Calif., March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T Microelectronics (NYSE: T) and EXAR Corp. (NASDAQ: EXAR) today announced a collaboration on definition, marketing and sales of integrated circuits for the telecommunications transmission market. The collaboration will focus first on transmission ICs based on ANSI, Bellcore and CCITT standards to fully address the U.S., European and Far Eastern markets, and will offer customers a broader range of products and secure alternate sources. The alliance may be expanded in the future.
 AT&T Microelectronics, with its preeminence in the Central Office market, and EXAR, with the leadership position in the Long Range Transmission Market, will focus their efforts and technologies to address interface devices and applications. T1/E1 interfaces along with T3/E3/Sonet interfaces are expected to show strong growth in the transmission field and will be a focus of the alliance. Applications in these areas include CSU/DSU, repeaters, multiplexers and cross connects.
 Gerard Pepenella, manager of Telecommunication Integrated Circuits at AT&T Microelectronics, said, "This agreement follows many months of joint cooperation, the results of which will be announced shortly. This collaboration will enable our companies to second-source these critical interface ICs, providing the security our customers desire, while linking the expertise in each company's traditional market. The goal is to continue to provide the most complete, application-focused product offering available."
 According to Rick Reifer, marketing manager of Telecommunication Products at EXAR Corp., "Our discussions confirmed that we were pursuing complementary product developments and that this alliance will allow us to introduce a broader, more complete product line and reduce development cycles. By focusing our efforts, far more products and better service will be provided to our customers. This agreement also gives our customers alternate sources to the products we jointly design and introduce."
 Dr. Ilhan Refioglu, vice president of Product Groups and Technologies at EXAR Corp., further added, "The alliance with AT&T Microelectronics represents EXAR's commitment to the communications market and reflects EXAR's corporate strategy to develop strategic alliances in its focus markets. Clearly, such an alliance will benefit all parties, especially the telecom customer base."
 AT&T Microelectronics offers a full line of high-performance components and electronic systems to original equipment manufacturers, for applications in network computing, telecommunications, cellular/wireless and video. Included in the product line are application-specific integrated circuits, communication devices, graphics and speech processors, analog integrated components and linear arrays, interconnect products, lightwave products and power supplies.
 EXAR Corp., the Analog Plus Company, focuses on communications and mass storage markets with application-specific standard and custom products. EXAR also supplies a broad spectrum of solutions to ASIC users, applying the company's unique analog and "analog plus" design expertise using in-house bipolar, CMOS, EEPROM AND BiCMOS technologies. Founded in 1971, EXAR Corp. is headquartered in San Jose, with sales locations worldwide.
 Further information can be obtained by calling The AT&T Microelectronics Customer Response Center at 800-327-2447 (in Canada, 800-553-2448), or by writing to AT&T Microelectronics, Dept. 52040200, 555 Union Blvd., Allentown, Pa. 18103, or by calling EXAR at 408-434-6400.
 -0- 3/10/92
 /CONTACT: Rich Larris of AT&T Microelectronics, 908-771-2826 or 908-446-1380 (home); or Rick Reifer of EXAR Corp., 408-434-6400 or 408-943-8245 (fax)/
 (T) (EXAR) CO: EXAR Corp.; AT&T Microelectronics ST: California; Pennsylvania IN: TLS SU:

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Date:Mar 10, 1992

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