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ASTM standards on building economics; 2007, 6th ed.


ASTM standards on building economics; 2007, 6th ed.

ASTM International


373 pages




This work collects all of the current versions of the building economics standards published since the inception of the ASTM Subcommittee E06.81 on Building Economics in 1979. It functions as a resource document for evaluating the economic performance of investments in buildings, building systems, and other constructed facilities. The book will aid in making decisions on whether to accept or reject a given investment, how to design and size building systems, and how to establish priority when budgets are limited. Section I contains four standard guides (one is new to this sixth edition), and Section II contains 12 standard practices. Section III describes terminology used in the standards, and Section IV provides six classification systems for various building elements. Section V presents discount factor tables and describes a supporting document for one of the standards. Section VI provides a brief introduction to a software product, AHP/Expert Choice for ASTM Building Evaluation; the software is not included with the book. The reference will be useful for manufacturers and producers, federal, state, and local agencies, builders, building code bodies, architectural and engineering firms, consumer groups, trade associations, consulting firms, and universities.

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